Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Staness of Menopause Makeover.   I love her blog for its  healthy delicious recipes and her down to earth advice.  She was one of the most popular experts at  Beauty Bash and  she had over 40 back to back consultations  over the two day event. It was the first time I met Staness and she  is beautiful, warm and super smart.  Her site always the latest info on woman’s health issues and its facts you can trust.

And when you’ve clicked through all the great Fashion Flash sites,  check out The Flat Belly Book by Liz Vaccariello who  is editor-in-chief of Prevention magazine. This best selling diet book offers nutritional dvice to reduce  belly fat.  All good, but what I like about this eating plan is the emphasis on fats like linoleic acid– the fat  linked to reduced  levels of wrinkles.  People who had diets higher in linoleic acid (found in nuts and avocodos) had fewer and later signs of skin aging.  The book is packed with nutrional tips and strategies.   For example it offers a uique 4 day anti-bloat  diet that is a wonderful way to have a flat belly on those occasions (  high school reunions, first  date)  when you want to look especially spectacular.  I tried the diet when I realized that  a new dress bought for a conference dinner  pulled around my tummy when I sat down. The anti-bloat diet worked beautifully  and I didn’t have to fall back on my black “fat” dress.

And I think its recipe for Sassy water ( a blend of  ginger, lemon and cucumber) is worth the price of the book.  Calorie and caffeine free, Sassy water offers delicious hydration and anti0xidants  that you can sip on all day.   I’ve started to keep a pitcher of it in my fridge.

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