Invisalign, Take 2

Last year I tried to get Invisalign orthodenture, but “Dr Braces” as  I call her said I was not a candidate.  Instead she offered a plan that started by extracting four back teeth.  Then full metal permanent  braces for at least two years and at the cost of at least 10 grand.   I got out of that office so fast I left skid marks.

This year at Beauty Bash ( the lifestyle expo created by Geri Brin at  Fabulous Over Fifty, I made a point to touch base with the cosmetic dentists.  I was especially impressed by Dr Jaqueline Fulop-Goodling  aka Dr Jackie.  She is one of the top Invisalign dentists in the US.  I was impressed by both her credentials and her dazzling smile.

 From the first  moment I  walked into her  New York office could sense a difference in  her approach.  Instead of  a plaster mold of my teeth,  Dr Jackie takes a  digital panoramic radiograph of   the mouth.  Standing up at the machine,I put my chin on a head rest and my teeth were clenched  on  a little bar.  The screens of the machine revolved around my face, capturing every missplaced tooth.

This time the report  was very different.  According to Dr   Jackie, my overbite  was not due to overcrowding, but another sign of aging.  Apparently as the years go by, the  jaw bone loses density and the teeth start to shift around.  They can sink back, twist around and/ or  push forward– all problems that Invisalign can handle.

Dr Jackie will also be  shaping my front teeth a bit so that fit  together better.  It will take about a year at about half the cost of the torture plan from Dr Braces.  At the next appointment I will get fitted for my first series of alignment trays.  Its much more fun getting orthodenture without having to deal  with  homework and curfew.

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