Microdermabrasion– Five Top Questions

1.  How does microdermabrasion work?

Microdermabrasion  removes the  top dead dry  layer of the skin a process that benefits different types of skin issues. For oily skin,  it  “de-roofs”  blocked pores  to remove  blackheads and reduce break-outs.  For dry aging skin, microdermabrasion makes the skin look fresh and glowing.  Many experts believe that  removing the top dead layer  of skin signals the skin to grow healthy firm skin. 

2.  Is there a difference between dermabrasion and microdermabrasion?

A big difference.  Dermabrasion is actually considered surgery.  It is  painful and local anesthesia is needed as  a laser removes most of the epiderrmis.  Afterwards the skin is raw, red and a bit bloody for at least a week.  Full healing can take months, but a successful dermabrasion  can lighten dark patches, remove fine lines … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Its Monday, and I am  the host of Fashion Flash this week. Despite the demands of Turkey Day, our bloggers have been very busy:

*Jodell of BLack Cat Plus believes that shades of grey are a must have, most flattering color for plus size silhouettes this holidy season.  Sort of grey is the new black.

* Over at Fabulous After 40, the Glam Gals  offer great style tips  asking ”  Do you love  animal prints, but wondering how to wear them so that  you look tasteful, not tacky? ” 

* Cat of Obsessed With Shoes introduces us to new designer Alain Quilici’s innovative and original designs that offer a fresh prospective on shoewear.

* Shawna at Female Fat Loss Over 40 asks a simple question- … Continue Reading…

Cranberries- Thanksgiving’s Beauty Fruit

The Thanksgiving feast  may seem like a calorie  overload, but there  is a lot of great nutrition packed onto that table.  There are anti cancer fighters in the broccoli and  a boatload of vitamin A  in the sweet potatoes, but  the nutrition king of the Thanksgiving table is the cranberry.

Cranberries  have fiber, vitamin C and manganese, an essential mineral.  But what makes  cranberries  a superstar  its  its antioxidant power.  In fact, out of the 277 most commonly eaten foods, cranberrries has one of the very highest anti0xidant levels.  Since antioxidants reduce risk of heart disease and cancer and raise immunity, cranberries are a true beauty fruit.  

Studies have shown that   cranberries   can prevent and treat urinary infections, reduce risk of blood clots and in the lab seems to kill cancer … Continue Reading…

Invisalign for an Anti-Aging Smile

When I first started  my anti-aging journey I identified a dozen different signs of facial aging. On that list I noted only a single dental problem– stained/ yellowed teeth.  Turns out that changes in our smile are part of  often  unrecognized changes that  make us look older.  The overbite that I see in the mirror was just a symptom of  changing dental contours, rather than the cause  of  my aging smile.

Here’s how it works:  According to Dr Jacquie, the full wide smile of gorgeous celebrities ( think Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Halle Barre, Kate Middleton) is a youthful smile.  As we get older, our smile often becomes smaller as the jaw  loses bone mass, shifting the teeth forward.

To check this out, I dug out old family photos and there it was– … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the hosts of Fashion Flash are the Glam Gals of Fabulous After 40.  Today they have featured a must watch video on the right way to wear leggings over 40.  For me it answered the key question–  how  long should the top be  with leggings?   The answer? Anything below the tush.    I wish I  had known that  before snagging a cashmere tunic at a sale which  is   about four inches too short.  I never feel quite right in it and now I know why.  And too short tops are not just a problem for 40 plus.  Last  week a photo of Pippa Middleton featured the young beauty in a  pair of heavy leggings and a gorgeous green pea cut that  barely covered her stomach.  The view  from the rear  was … Continue Reading…

Can A Soy Moisturizer Brighten My Skin?

Soy is a fascinating ingredients in anti-aging  skin care products.  Studies  have shown that its a powerful antioxidant and help the growth of healthy new collagen.  In addition, genistein, a chemical in soy, prevents melanin pigments from attaching to skin cells.  This makes soy a great addition to sun protection and indeed soy  is effective for preventing and reducing  brown spots and freckles of sun damage.  However, soy does not work nearly so well for melasma, those dark patches that usually appear on the cheeks and forehead.   This type of hyperpigmentation appears to be fueled by estrogen and in fact genistein is a type of pseudo-estrogen.  In theory soy might actually  make melasma worse.

So to bottom line it, if you have been a sun baby and have lots of small freckles, soy enriched  moisturizers could  brighten your skin.  If you  have larger patches, especially  if they developed … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Geri of Fabulous Over Fifty.  I have to admit that I am addicted to starting my day  by clicking through Fab Over Fifty.  It  has a unique mix of world class experts and  women like me that provides both state of the art  info and a sense of shared experiences.  This constantly updated site covers  health, finance, relationships,   beauty, fashion, all from the perspective of women who weren’t born yesterday.

When you click through the other info-packed Fashion Flash sites be sure  to check out the book  Menopause Makeover( Harlequin Press) by our own Staness Jonekos.  This  is a proven, eight step program to deal with the cascade of menopause sumptoms  including  hot flashes, weight gain, brain fog and mood changes.

Staness was just 47 and planning her first … Continue Reading…

Walnuts- The Anti-Aging Nuts

I have to admit that when I think of walnuts, I think of chocolate chip cookies, apple crumb pie and fudgy brownies studded with nuts.  But all by themselves, walnuts turn out to be a great beauty food.  They are high in linoleic acid and fiber– two factors linked to fewer wrinkles.  In addition they are high in antioxidants and low in saturated fats.  Studies have shown that walnuts lower both cholesterol and C-reactive protein which are two markers for heart disease. All good, but keep in mind that like its other nut cousins, walnuts are pretty high in calories clocking in at almost 400 calories/half cup.

Instead of thinking of walnuts as a baked goods best friend, I now sprinkle walnuts  over a green salad, a bowl of … Continue Reading…