Can A Soy Moisturizer Brighten My Skin?

Soy is a fascinating ingredients in anti-aging  skin care products.  Studies  have shown that its a powerful antioxidant and help the growth of healthy new collagen.  In addition, genistein, a chemical in soy, prevents melanin pigments from attaching to skin cells.  This makes soy a great addition to sun protection and indeed soy  is effective for preventing and reducing  brown spots and freckles of sun damage.  However, soy does not work nearly so well for melasma, those dark patches that usually appear on the cheeks and forehead.   This type of hyperpigmentation appears to be fueled by estrogen and in fact genistein is a type of pseudo-estrogen.  In theory soy might actually  make melasma worse.

So to bottom line it, if you have been a sun baby and have lots of small freckles, soy enriched  moisturizers could  brighten your skin.  If you  have larger patches, especially  if they developed after you’ve been on “the pill”  and or had a baby,  soy  won’t be of that much help.

One final thought.  Some doctors  are concerned that the estrogen-like compounds in soy  could increase risk of breast and ovarian cancers.  They have recommended limiting soy intake in foods and are  now increasing that advice to include soy enriched skin care products.  If you or  your family have a history of breast or ovarian cancer, you might  be wise to avoid  soy based beauty aids.

3 thoughts on “Can A Soy Moisturizer Brighten My Skin?

  1. Aging is a natural process. To reduce the signs of aging it is good to take proper care of skin. Yes, i do agree with you soy is considered o be good spots and sun damages. All the information about the use of soy product and why not helps a lot. Especially as you have mentioned that why soy products should not be used help a lot. Thank you for this information.

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