Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash  is Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over 40.  And if  there is a time  of year when we really need Shawna it’s during the Christmas holidays. Seriously, it seems that every  holiday activity has its own  high calorie food.  We  fill up stockings with sweets, tie  candy canes on presents and  warm up after ice skating with hot chocolate.  And then  there are goodies in Christmas songs and stories–  the plum pudding in A Christmas Carol,   the dancing sugarplums in the Nutcracker, and  of course there is that  runaway gingerbread man.   And unfortunately, there are no traditional Christmas exercise  and nutrition programs– until now that is.  This week Shawna  has  focused on  tips to stay in shape in times when the  only non-fattening thing on the table  seems to be   a glass of water.

And when you’ve  clicked through Shawna and the rest of the timely Fashion Flash posts ,  take a moment to check out my first n0-nonsense video– “The Truth About Sunscreens”.Friends and family who  are heading south for the holidays  had asked me  for a sunscreen cheat  sheet.  Rather than   download  a sheaf of  posts on sun and aging, I  made this video.

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