Home Laser, Day 2

The first session with the home laser went off without a hitch.  I set the device on  the lowest intensity which produced a very mild sensation.  In fact it felt so mild, I was surprised to see  the treated skin  become a bit reddened.   The skin felt strangly tender and remained  pinker for several hours.  Even the next morning, I could see  faint pink splotches.

I waited a few days before my next  home laser treatment.  Before  my  next session,  I reread the brochure because I still was not sure  how many times I should zap the skin per treatment. From the illustrations, it appears that  I am expected  to treat six slightly over lapping areas /laser treatment.  Good to know.  For the second  try I cranked up  the intensity to medium, spread on the special gel and zapped that same general area on my arm.  This time the sensation  was stronger– not yet uncomfortable, but close to  it.

I  moved and zapped thee device six times  on my forearm.  Almost immediately  the skin developed red  and somewhat raised welts.  The redness faded to pale pink, but the welts  were still there  three hours later.  The skin felt pretty tender, sort of like a sunburn.    And here’s the most interesting part– the home laser also seemed to take of  the  fine hairs on my  arm.  Now that’s what I call “value added” — a home  laser that  reduced wrinkles as well as unwanted hair. Although the Palovia device is simple to use and not painful, it still has a clearly visable impact on the skin.  According to the manufacturer, 22% of people report redness and 5% experience swelling so my reactions are not uncommon.  There are also reports of skin darkening   that can occur up to thirty days after a treatment.   Since hyperpigmentation is something we all want to avoid, I’m going to continue  testing on  less visable areas  of  my skin. 

Next step  will be to try the device at its highest level. Bring it.

3 thoughts on “Home Laser, Day 2

  1. When did the welts go away finally? The welts surprised me as you would think the arm would be tougher than the face and none of the reviews I read mentioned welts. I wonder if it might be because there is more fat/fluid under the skin there rather than around the eye area? All the reviews I read were only about the eye area. However, it does illustrate that SOMETHING is happening and it makes sense that there would have to be an “injury” of some sort to cause the body to generate a healing response.

    I am currently trying the Bee Venon Mask which uses the same principle- the skin is supposedly tricked into thinking it was lightly stung by a bee….I like it and it’s not greasy but I haven’t noticed any earth shattering changes. I use it morning and night.

  2. The instruction booklet actually tells you to try the home laser on your arm to get used to the sensation, so I don’t think the arm areas is more vulnerable than the eye area. The welts lasted for about 4-5 hours, gradually fading and flattening over the time. It is a clear sign that something is hapening– and that mild injury to the tissues should be building new collagen.
    I’m intrigued by the bee venom cream. I’m allergic to bees so it wouldn’t be a good choice for me, but I’d love to hear about your continuing experience.

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