Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Kari of Fab Over Forty.  When it comes to  make-up colors, Kari has an almost intuitive sense of what works and what doesn’t.  When I  want a new lisptick or shadow, I always check her current recommendations.  She tries them all and knows which  lipsticks are too brown and  which grey liner gives the smoothest line.  This month  her post on  hair styles over forty is a must read!  She shows a gallery of styles that graze the coller bone rather than the usual advice to cut it short.

Most of the Fashion FLash sites this week  offer great holiday beauty advice.  Menopause makeover offers a healthy yet delicious champagne cocktail while over at Fabulous After 40, the GLam Gals rock  New Year’s Eve fashion.  Taking their advice, I “shopped”  in my closet and put together two great options for the New Year.

And when you’ve finished celebrating, check out The Essential Green You by Deirdre Imus. This  small book is packed with useful info on every page.  From nutrition  to personal  care products to health care she explains  the dangers in our  lives and points  out easy and affordable solutions that benefit  both  the individual and the planet.  What makes this book stand out from other  books on the topic is her attention to details.  She is passionate about  greener  living  and her  research  has resulted in a book with real time solutions.  For example, I am always concerned about the chemicals in nail  care  products.  When I go to my nail place, I cringe to see people working with masks.  If these chemicals are so toxic for the staff  what about me?  Ms. Imus recommends soaking  your fingers in hydrogen peroxide for a mintute once a week to  lift discolorations and it works beautifully!  If I  just absolutely feel the need to  wear polish, she has found   an odorless formaldehyde-free  nail polish  that adds both shine and color without toxic ingredients. 


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