Home Laser, Day 3

I  had already tried the low and medium settings of the Palovia home laser and barely felt  them on my skin– and  now was ready  to go to the max and try the highest setting. However, these settings while painless had left raised, red splotches which were still around up to eight hours later.  The skin also felt a bit tender as if  it had been sunburned. 

A friend  who knew  her way around lasers thought she knew the source of the problem.  I wasn’t using enough of the gel.  The instructions  said the enclosed bottle of gel was enough for 60 treatments.  It was not that  big a bottle, so I just used  a light topping of gel before zapping my arm with the laser.  I remembered that when I had IPL or lasers with a physician,  they really did slather it on.

I decided to increase amount of gel, but keep the setting at medium.  I pumped the  bottle about six times and applied a pretty thick coating– not as thick as in an office based procedure, but certainly more than I had been using. Treating the same area  on my arm, I applied the laser and pressed the on button.  It worked once, then a notice came up on the little treatment screen  saying ‘Interrupted”. Hmm?  I shook the device and checked the battery, but it was almost full.  I continued with the treatment and almost half the time, the session  was stopped  with an interrupted sign.  Hmm? 

I stopped to check the instruction booklet again. Apparently this sign comes on  when the device it on, but not in contact with the skin.  I began to wonder if  I had  put  on too much gel and it was blocking access to the device.

The results on my skin was also interesting.  I got some red patches, but they were pretty flat and went away within an hour.  In addition, my skin did not feel sunburned.  So I think that the extra gel was definately a step in the right direction, but now the question was how  much should I really be using.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

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