Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  is the one year anniversary of Fashion Flash and its only fitting that the host this week are Fashion Flash founders  Jojami Tyler and Deborah Boland, the Glam Gals of Fabulous After 40. I was  a huge fan of their site when I first started blogging and meeting them at the More Reinvention Convention was for me  like meeting Oprah. They were as smart, charming and beautiful as they seemed  in their blog.  When we started to talk about ways we could work together, I was thrilled to be included in the development of Fashion Flash.  Its been an incredible year and now Fashion Flash  has nine members and gets a total of 7000,000 views a month. 

Personally, I have laughed and learned so much reading these amazing blogs each week.  With Glam Gal fashion advice, I  spend less and look better.  I don’t make those “what was I thinking’ fashion mistakes” and feel confident  wherever I find myself.  The Glam Gals   used baby steps to prod  me  of my all- black- all- the- time syndrome and now I get so many compliments on my teal green glasses and purple cashmere cardie– two things I would never  have brought  home without them.  FYI they  love to get specific questions from readers and answer everyone.

I LOVE the delicious and healthy recipes from Menopause Makeover and now keep portion size  tubs of  that  amazing chili in my freezer.  Kari of Fab Over 40 , IMO, has the best online  make-up advice, sorting out the best choices from a sea of products.  And I have to admit that I am addicted to starting my day to see what’s new on Fab Over 50.  She  has new posts everyday and  knows the best health and beauty experts across the country.  If you want a nutritionist in the mid-west or a dermatologist in Florida,  Fab Over 50 can get  you  to the right person.

But best  of all is the chance to meet online so  many wonderful women.  Its been wonderful to get your comments and your questions always   make me drill deeper into a topic.  I’ve learned so much  from all of  you and look forward to another amazing 52 weeks of  Fashion Flash.

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