Flabby Upper Arms– Starting Point

So here are my  baseline photos.  I’ve done a lot of before photos, but these are definately the worst.  In the top photo I’m wearring  my favorite red dress and with my arms flat on my sides, I look  pretty good.  No bulges or sags.  However  I tend to move my arms to pick up a glass, wave a cab or tie on a scarf and then you can see  where  attention needs to be paid.   In the second picture you can see the wrinkly bits under the arms and the  skin hangs lose where the triceps are invisable.  In the third photo  I am actually trying  to flex my biceps on top and you can see there are no biceps.  The best I can say is that there is much room for improvement.

There are literally hundreds of trainers, books, and videos  that  PROMISE to help you lose weight and  shape-up.  Reputable experts  admit that spot exercises that aim to mold specific areas do not  reduce weight but  build muscle  for a better line.  When I  carried an extra ten pounds I didn’t even try to include weight bearing exercies, since I felt the extra fat would make  spot exercises pretty useless.  Currently I’m a trim size eight so its a perfect time  to test out body shaping. 

In the past my exercise plans started with a shopping trip to buy the right clothes, sneakers and equipment.  Some of the  experts recommend  using a big ball while others  swear  by rubber bands with handles.  Rather than go out for more toys,  this time I’ve decided to  start simply with  the set of three pound weights I already own and   concentrate on my triceps and biceps.  And rather than buying another book or video, I went online and downloaded some free exercises.  Trying to read the exercises, follow the instructions and watching my form in the mirror I managed to clonk myself  on  my forehead or  neck   with almost every  move.  Each move called for 2-3 sets of 10 reps and I kept getting clobbered.  Clearly I needed more  help.  Next I’m going to try  a video so I can follow along.

16 thoughts on “Flabby Upper Arms– Starting Point

  1. When I saw the first photo I thought it was an “after” shot- your arms are thin! Have you looked into Tracy Anderson? Her mat workout has a good arm section with no weights and then one with max 3 lb weights. Her philosophy is to strengthen the smaller secondary muscles as well as the major ones to tighten up overall. I have been doing her mat workout for a few months and have noticed a definite improvement. The first few times I went through the arm sections I thought I would die but now it’s not too bad.

  2. Yes, its only when I use my arms you can see problems (lol). And I have been looking into Tracy Anderson. I am intrigued by her approach which is definately different than the usual regimens. She is high on my “must try’ list. So far I have explored four videos and will be posting my comments in the upcoming weeks. Just like with anti-aging skin care products some work-outs deliver and some are nonsense. I’, excited about finding what actually can make a difference in body contours.

  3. I sent you an email awhile back wondering if you were going to post an update on Pelleve- like if you thought it was worth it or made any difference long term.

  4. Hi Joyce,
    I remembered your question and I thought I answered you. M’y bad. What I thought I said was that I’ve done so many other things since that its hard to say if I’m seeing Pelleve results or Botox results. I would like to think I am seeing a combo of both. I’m going to try some other tools like Allumera and Fillers so we compare these results to Pelleve. This week I’m starting on my Invisalign braces and very excited to see how that works out.

  5. It is hard to tell what is working and what is not when using multiple products. I have often thought that I really should use stuff only on one side of my face to see if they made a difference but I never do! It just kills me to have wasted so much on treatments that don’t really work. What has worked for me and is worth the money is IPL treatments for sun damage, blood vessels and general clarity, Retin-A and an eye lift. The fillers and Botox were too expensive and temporary IMO. I am intrigued by the PaloVia. If it cost half as much I would buy it immediately.

  6. Deb, Do you know the make and model of the IPL machine the doctor used on you? I heard so many horror story on IPL but at the same time I want to get rid of my brown spots so badly. If I do IPL I want to do it right. Thank you!

  7. Your arms don’t look half as bad as mine. I am also trying to work solely on my arms with weights. I am doing it at home but I still don’t think I’ll be wearing sleeveless this summer because the skin is so loose. It’s so depressing when you are in good shape otherwise.

    • I think “operation upper arms” is going to be a very interesting experiment. Can you tell what what kind of exercises you are doing? FYI my rock star dermatologist, Dr Marmur( who now is a frquent guest on the Dr Oz Show) offered to do Fraxel on my arms to remove crepeiness– but only after I had did my best to build up muscle. I suspect that ike anti-aging tools for the face, that there are different options for the body that work well together. The challenge is figuring out how to use them.

  8. I was actually inspired by you. I hadn’t really been exercising but when you said you were going to exercise arms only, it made me realize that I could do that to. So, that’s what I am doing, tricepts, bicepts – all the stuff we all learned from the years of going to the gym. You also said you would see where that would lead and, indeed, it did lead to some cardio as well. So, we shall see. On another note, I had thermage on my arms a few years ago. It did absolutely nothing. What a waste of money.

      • I am so sorry. It was Fab over Fifty. The item was something called BMR Beauty Series made by Bio Medical Research. Maybe we should look into this?? or maybe I should. In the meantime, I’ll keep doing my 5 lb weights. Please keep me posted on your progress and I will do the same!!

  9. Hi Donna,
    Its fascinating exploring different apporaches to body shaping. And that’s so interesting about THermage. Dr Marmur said that after I worked out for several months and actually built up some muscle, Fraxel could smooth out the crinkly bits.

  10. BMR is new to me and I’m certainly curious. I will look into it. I’m really impressed with your five pound weights– I’m still at three pound weights. Are you following a specific program. I am “auditioning” different options. Please let me know how you are doing!

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