Invisalign- The First Three Weeks

My first two weeks wearing Invisalign  were painless, both literally and figuratively.  Just four days after I started, I thought I could see changes in the alignment of my lower teeth.   I assumed  it was  my imagination, but  by the end of the first 14 days I had objective  proof of change.  My teeth had been so tightly packed together that I had needed  to use the thinnest dental floss to get the job done.  By the time I packed away my first set of aligners, I had to switch to a broad floss for optimal dental care.

The Invisalign rules are  easy to follow , so easy that I got  a bit  lazy.  Instruction sheets make a point of  advising me to always  place retainers in the plastic carry case.  I followed this rule  religiously but  toward the end of week two, I took them out  to eat dinner and thought I put them on the endd table in the living room.  After eating dinner and brushing my teeth, I went to put them back into my mouth, only to find  they had disappeared.  I  searched the house for more than an  hour but no Invisalign.  Next morning,  I found them in bright sunlight– just where I  thought  I had placed them the night before.  They are designed to be invisible and apparently  were as hard to see on furniture as they are when worn!  I learned a good lesson, and  now compulsively put them in their little  case when they are not in my mouth.

The second set of aligners certainly cranked up the treatment.  They were tight, so tight, it gave me a bit of a headache.  I found myself taking it out more often, just to get relief from the pressure.  After  four days,  either my teeth shifted  or the device stretched a bit because it felt  more comfortable.    It is still tighter than the first retainers, but not so much that its a problem.  I am so encouraged by the progress I can see in  just three weeks that  temporary discomfort doesn’t matter.

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