Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over 40. Like  many New Yorkers, I rely on walking  for  my daily exercise.  Twenty city blocks is equal to  one mile and I leave extra time  so that I can  walk to my appointments and get in some exercise.  But when icy winter weather  arrives,  I have to go indoors and   and Shawna has some of the best fitness programs I’ve ever tried.   She is especially good at motivating reluctant athletes ( like me) and  I feel better rather than achy after one of her workouts. Be sure to check her out as well as the rest of the wonderful Fashion Flash sites.

This weekend I picked up an intriguing  little skin care book by an LA based celebrity esthetician. Skintervention by Scott-Vincent Borba  has an interesting approach to both diet and skin care.  The book is packed with effective tips that are   practical as well as  affordable.  For example, he recommends treating  sunburned skin with a milk bath to reduce inflmmation;  since caffeine shrinks blood vessels, Skintervention explains how to use leftover  coffe grounds to reduce under-eye swelling and dark circles;  or my favorite tip is adding antioxidant rich pomegrante juice to vodka to offset the aging effects of alcohol.

Skintervention also has  anunusual way of classifying the skin.  Rather than the standard dry vs  oily or older vs teenager, Borba divides  skin into five major categories– acne prone, sensitive, aging, cellulite, and skin in transition.   He drills down into each category and offers to tips to prevent as well as treat problems.  

Borba includes a few rccipes to illustrate his  approach to healthy food and his chocolate shake is a lifeline to chocoholics  who need a  healthy fix.  It combines melted dark chocolate( rich in antioxidants) with skim milk and almond milk and its worth  buying the book for just this recipe.

I disagree with Borba that oily skin needs a moisturizer and he loses some credibility when the book  repeatedly promotes  the authors’ health drinks and mixes.  But I really liked  the clearly road tested advice that added a a few new tricks  to my skin care skill set.

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