Can Grapefruit Make You Gorgeous?

Sweet and juicy, grapefruits have long been a diet staple. But more than just low in calories, grapefruits pack an impressive nutritional payload. They are rich in pectin, a type of fiber known for lowering cholesterol. This citrus fruit is also high in potassium essential for normal blood pressure and vitamin C which the vitamin linked to fewer wrinkles. In fact 1/2 a grapefruit supplys almost 70% of our daily vitamion C needs– at just 30 calories. Usually differnt types of a fruit  or vegetable have pretty much the same nutritional content.  But grapefruits are different.  P ink or red grapefruits ( usually from Texas)   are also rich  in beta carotene– a precursor to skin- friendly vitamin A.    The white grapefruit ( common in Florida)   which tastes  pretty much the same,  has very little beta carotene.

Problem with Grapefruits?

Grapefruits  have an unusual impact  on  common medications– they make them stronger.  Apparently, grapefruits contain compounds that inhibit drug metabolism which makes it  more available to the body.  This impact  seems to affect  some people  more than others so  its hard to know if  its something you should worry about.    The list  of drugs which are boosted by grapefruits is  long, including Lipitor  to lower cholesterol, Synthroid thyroid supplements, codeine for pain, Prilosec for acid reflux and Zoloft for depression.  This impact can last for  up to 72 hours.  Since grapefruit juice seems to be much more of a problem than the actual fruit,   current recommendations are to avoid taking  medication with the juice.   If you take  several of  these meds, ask  your doctor  if grapefruits can pose a problem.

Grapefruits  also  have a reputation as a fat-burner. It only it was true. There are no special enzymes in these orbs that will  use up calories  calorie  or increase  fat loss.   But they offer enough real nutritional benefits to make them an awesome fruit choice in winter when they are in season.

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