Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  Staness of Menopause Makeover is hosting Fashion Flash.  Each  time  I  click on this site, I wish  it had  been there when I went through menopause.  It can be a hard and isolating  journey.  From the first day you realize that turtlenecks are no longer an option to  scary medical reports,  menopause  is a time when you need a smart, caring friend– and Menopause Makeover is  just that.   Staness  offers great  emotional  support and  state of the art  scientific  developments in an upbeat and supportive way.  The site is packed with  accurate, balanced advice as well as some of the best healthy recipes on the web.

Strand Bookstore in NYC  is  three  floors of  new and used books, all at discount.  Wandering through the aisles last week, I picked up a little biography of Max Factor, the Russian immigrant   who  many  have called the father of modern make-up. 

Max Factor was already  famous in the  in Hollywood as a wig maker  when new technologies  demanded new types of makeup for the stars.  As the silent black and  white films evolved into color ‘talkies”, producers realized that a new type of foundation was needed.  Existing greasepaint products left a sheen on the skin that reflected nearby colors.  For example, if an actress was standing near green trees, her skin would take on a green hue.  Because it was so unflattering many stars including Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo and Carole Lombard refused to work in Technicolor.  Bette Davis was even suspended from Warner Brothers for turning down  the studios first color  film.  ( I love this stuff).

The man who developed  Technicolor personally asked Max Factor to come up with a solution.  After several years of intensive research, Factor and his sons developed  a foundation that while transparant and matte, was able to hide blenishes and imperfections. It was  called Pancake because it was packed like a little flat cake in a little pan.  Within a very short time ,  Max Factor pancake became both  the standard makeup for film and a top selling foundation for women around the world.  Driven by a real need, the beauty industry  came up with a unique and effective product.

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