Flabby Arms Meet Their Match

When I  first saw this video I was mesmerized like a deer caught in the headlights.  I never saw a workout like this using  just the weight of the arms to define contours.  But  when you look at Gweneth Paltrow’s  arms  as well as the arms of  the developer of this technique, Tracy Anderson, this is  what I  want– smooth, firm, non-lumpy arms.  It looks hard and I got tired  just watching the clip.  But after  seeing it a few times, I put it on full screen and was able to follow along albeit  slower and  not for the whole thing.  Its quite a work-out, but fun and  interesting– a whole lot more entertaining than hositing weights.  But I don’t know if this type of exercise should be done everyday.  Maybe  every other day? 

As a matter of principle I don’t take celebrity health and beauty advice.  I would rather get  my info from people who were trained and licensed, rather than just good looking.  But the video got me thinking– what are the credentials I should look for  in a  person offering fitness advice.  When it comes to skin care there are  just a few avenues– dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, esthetician all have established training programs, a few associations  and state wide  qualifying exams. But when it comes to  fitness the field is much  more crowded.

There are literally dozens of  organizations  including National Board of Fitness Examiners(NBFE), Fitnation, Academy of Applied Personal Training Education ( AAPTE), and National Personal Trainer Academy (IPTA).  Some like the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) are online programs   while others like Hofstra University have a campus based  training program.  And most of them have their own exam for certification. 

And then there are the qualifications for participating in the program.  College grad?  High school diploma?  Just strong?   Exercise programs should be based on basic anatomy to  yeild good results and avoid injuries.  Do you know  which fitness credentials to look for in a trainer or program?

5 thoughts on “Flabby Arms Meet Their Match

  1. Although Gwyneth is indeed lovely, I think most of her physique is due to choosing the right mother. She may work out and she may watch what she eats, but there is only so much you can do with your genes. I would say perhaps she is not to be trusted as a workout authority.

    The best exercise instructor I ever had was Tony, the former Marine drill instructor turned coach/fitness instructor. He knew his stuff, was in fabulous shape, and didn’t let us get away with slacking off. I could actually see my abdominal muscles when I was in his class. I had heard of them, but had never seen them before.

  2. One who is a motivator and inspires you and is a ballet dancer so knows the mechanics of the body and is not afraid to push you harder.

  3. This is a good concept. Weight-lifting can be dull.
    You can easily get this kind of workout in a Zumba or Body Jam workout. Just focus on the arm movements. For some people this particular workout would be better because she’s not moving around. If you’re not familiar with the moves then keeping your feet going while doing the arms can be an issue.

    I think the biggest thing is that you need to do whatever you set out to do! If music and dancy moves keep you coming back then more power to them. If you’re all left feet then a stint in the weight room might be better.

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