No-Nonsense on the Radio

True story.  I was at  a blogger meetup at the HBA, a huge beauty expo, when I was introduced to a very pretty young woman with  a popular  blog called Aging Backwards.  I was a bit put off. What  would this young woman know about aging?  When she told me her age I was shocked– and impressed.  I decided that  if she could look like that at her age she certainly   knew her stuff. Her blog is now part of the Fashion Flash group and Jackie  also  co-hosts the  The Ageless Sisters, a well-known radio show with Cynthia Rowland —  and this week I was   delighted to be a guest.  The Ageless Sisters  asked such  great  questions that I   uploaded  the full interview to share it with you.  From Invisalign to the new BB creams to the No-Nonsense  beauty diet,  The Ageless Sisters steered   the conversation into  useful  fact-  filled areas. 

  In a short interview  I had to boil down my  beauty philosophy to four key points. Since   I can spend  an hour  discussing the differences between  AHA’s like glycolic acid and Retin A, time limitations made me focus on what is really important.  Compressing  a file of info into  the top four tips is a great way of getting to the most critical facts for  just about any subject.  From buying a car to writing a resume to choosing the name of a baby,  selecting the four  top  ideas is a relevant way  to cope  in a busy world with a short attention span.    Let me know what  you think.

The Ageless Sisters also presented at Beauty Bash last October, demonstrating Facial Magic, their exercise routinue  to firm up the skin.   It was  amazing to see the entire audience  trying out the exercises  that Cynthia and Jackie  were showing on the stage.   I could genuinely feel  the  muscles  under my jaw working to build up contours. And FYI,  without Botox or fillers their skin is smooth, taut and free of lines and wrinkles. 

Click here to hear the Ageless Sisters Radio Extravaganza

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