Bella Contour- A Fat Buster that Really Works

I have to admit that I’m naturally skeptical about machines that claim  to promote weight  loss and reduce inches.  Maybe it was the Jack Lalanne  gyms that I went to with my Mom.  We stood there while we were jiggled with belts or massaged with what looked like large pink rolling pins.  It was a nice mother-daughter bonding time, but we never lost an ounce.

I’ve turned down most offers  of body shaping but when Dr Albert Lefkovits, one of my all time favorite physicians asked me  to try  his new Bella Contour machine, I couldn’t say no.   This is the dermatologist who picked up my diabetes from subtle skin changes and if  he thought this machine had merit , I was in.

Bella Contour is a non-invasive body shaping treatment that uses a combination of ultrasound and electrical currents.  It vibrates the fat  cells to empty them and then the lymph system drains the fat away.  It is approved by the FDA for cellulite reduction and best of all, it doesn’t hurt. It can be used on hips, stomach area,  and thighs.

To get started I stripped down to  my bra and panties and was carefully photographed and measured.  We decided to focus on my waist, diaphragm,  and belly area.  This is where I keep my fat that seems resistant  to diet and exerrcise.  During the hour long treatment,  I felt a bit of tingling and some  warmth– but absolutely no discomfort.  So far, so good, but did it work?

The tape measure showed a loss of 1/2-3/4 inch in each of the three target areas.   But are these numbers significant?  When I got dressed the nurse and I stared at each other  in amazement at the very loose waistband  of my  pants.  In fact the changes in body contouring were so  significant that my once ankle length skinny pants, now were puddling at my feet.   My before and after pix were equally impressive, but I’m not going to post pix in  my underwear no matter how  cool they are. Bella Contour delievered on its promise and the change  is permanent– as long as I don’t gain weight. 

Bella Contour is best if you’ve got specific areas of extra fat and are not significantly overweight.  Its also terriffic for new Moms to get back  to their prepregnancy shapes — a great  “push present.” Dr Lefkovits recommends 3-5 treatments for maximum results.  Bella Contour is painless and effective and I’m going back  for more.  Its that good.

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