Question: What Causes Little Red Spider Veins on My Face?

Question:  Are spider veins, those little red lines, another sign of aging?  Can Vitamin K help?

Answer:  Sometimes  spider veins   can become  more prominent as we get older, but there are actually  six  main triggerers that can provoke them at any age.

1.  Pregnancy–  the increased blood volme that is part of pregnancy can  put pressure on veins.  In the legs  it can lead to varicose veins, while on the face, little red lines can blossom.

2. Heavy drinking– alcohol tends to expand blodd vessels  and large amounts of alcohol  can expand them so much that they burst.

3. Constant exposure to heat– Are you a Top Chef ?Many kitchen pros have spider veins because they spend so much time over a hot stove.

4. High blood pressure–  the increased pressure in the veins and arteries can be the driving force behind the appearance of spider veins.

5.  Sun Exposure —   The tiny veins in the skin are surrounded by collagen and as sun destroys   collagen,  the veins become  more visable.

6. Trauma –   A blow to the face or an overly enthusiastic massage can damage fragile vessels  and  trigger  spider veins.

Some people are more prone to spider veins. Their veins can be closer to the surface or the skin can be  thin and fine– and some can just  have more blood vessels than others.  As we grow older  all our blood vessels become more fragile.    One of the easiest ways to prevent their appearance is to use  a sunscreen to avoid irritaing the skin and destroying the collagen.

Most treatments for spider veins  involve some type  of laser.  On the easy end IPL ( Intense Pulsed Light)  is a pseudo laser that kills the cells that are behind the growth of these pesky red lines.   Depending on the number of strength of the lines, it can take  1-3 IPL treatments to clear them up.  If a spider vein is particularly large, a true laser  might be needed  to zap them away.

One final thought:Vitamin K does have a role in blood clotting, but there is no evidence that  a vitamin K enriched  cream can erase  red spider veins.  Its just not that easy.

8 thoughts on “Question: What Causes Little Red Spider Veins on My Face?

  1. hhmm…i’ve been taking vitamin k for quite some time far no result. i guess it’s not for me. time to get another alternative remedy. thanks to your post.

  2. Fabulous advise. Would add…harsh, surfactant based cleansers, especially those in mass market, can further irritate the condition and prevent healing. Horrible what we do to our DNA – often times with good intent.

  3. i am only 20 years old and i keep seeing more and more broken little red thread veins what is causing this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ive tried being cautious of all of the things above i even quit smoking could it be anything else !!!

    • You are very young to have these little red lines. There are six primary causes:
      * excessive alcohol
      * high blood pressure
      * smoking
      * sun exposure
      * heat
      Either singly or combination, these factos can be driving you little red lines. Rosacea can also trigger this redness and you should be checked out by a board certified dermatologist. If you send me your zip code I can find the names of good doctors in your area.
      THe good news is that there a safe and effective ways to deal with the problem when you determine the cause.

  4. I have had mine on my chest since I was 15 years old. As I have gotten older, they have spread and gotten worse. They are all over my arms, chest, up my neck and on my nose and cheeks. They never really bothered me before, but recently I’m starting to wonder if it will ever end. I’m going to make an appointment with a dermatologist to see what I can do.

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