Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over Forty is hosting Fashion Flash. If there  ever is a time of year to think about fitness it  is right now.  Blue skies and  warmer weather  inspire me to go outisde and  shed   winter weight gain.  If you haven’t yet  tred out Shawna’s fit camp routines this  is definately the moment.  I know that  swimsuit weather is right around the corner.   

And along with a fitness program, spring makes me think about upping  my nutrional profile. I’m always struggling  to get in those 5-7 servings of vegetables and fruits a day.   The farmer’s markets are brimming with  piles of veggies and I  found a new cookbook to turn these beauties into a meal.   The Inspired Vegan by Bryant Terry is a vibrant  celebration of  life, family and  good food. The first section provides cooking techniques and simple  recipes that are basic in a home kitchen.  For example, there are simple recipes for oven dried tomatoes ( super easy), quinoa( the high protein grain) and  how to prep nutrition- rich greens. 

In the second half, Terry provides  menus and recipes, complete with music recommendations for serving them.  I loved  the South Asian supper with music by Ravi Shankar.  It featured  chai tea, asparagus and sweet potato curry and yellow basmati rice.  I’ve found that  a few vegan meals a week  make it easy to  increase the amount of fiber and antioxidants that I’m getting– and I make up  protein needs at other meals.  

I especially  loved the Inspired Vegan’s ode to New Orleans with music  from Wynton Marsalis.  True cajun cooking   while undeniably delicious  is definately on the nutritional darkside.  High in fat, salt and sugar, Louisiana has been consistantly ranked with some of the highest levels of obesity and diabetes in the US.  Terry somehow  captures the flavor  of the  cuisine with a cajun vegetable  gumbo and roasted vegetable jambalaya so  you don’t even miss the meats  of the traditional versions.   Its that good.

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