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When I first heard about LED lights I thought it sounded like a plot line from the Sci-Fi Chanel.  Turns out that red and blue LED (Light Emiting Diode) lights can actually produce physicial changes in the skin. Studies have shown that the wavelengths of red  LED lights apparently activate fibroblasts in the skin,  This is  very good news because fibroblasts  stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin which are essential for smooth firm skin.

Anti-aging LED treatments are offered in spas and doctors offices and need to be used  in a series of appointments.  This can run into quite a bit of money, so I was delighted when the FDA approved  a handheld home LED device.   This week I went to the International Beauty Show and stopped at the LightStim  booth  which was offering a 50% off show special on their well known  LED devices.  I was in.

The LightStim red/amber LED anti-aging device promises to produce  real results in 6-8 weeks.  It needs to be used  3 minutes a day in each area  at least 5X a week.  It can  reduce  fine lines and wrinkles including crow’s feet around the eyes smiles lines  that run from the nose to the chin  and worry lines on the forehead.

During the 6-8 week treatment period, the skin should be washed with a mild cleanser.  At  night, a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid is recommended.  During the day the skin should be protected with zinc or titanium oxide sunscreen.   To prevent irritation, I will need to avoid  using Retin A, vitamin C  serums, and any retinol products.  However I can continue to use  my beloved Clarisonic and in fact the ultrasonic cleanser  is reported to  work beautifully with the red LightStim LED.

Its a big  leap of faith  for me to give up  my tried and true Retin A for another anti-aging tool-  even for a few weeks.  But before I can start, I need to do a test for light sensitivity.  Following  package directions I will position the device at my forearm  close enought to feel the warmth, but not  touching the skin.  If the skin turns red and and redness lasts more than 2 hours I’m light sensitive– and I  can return the device for a refund.  If problems don’t develop, then I’m good to go.

The before and after  photos of LightStim  are impressive.  If you have tried red  anti-aging LED  lights I would love to hear about  your experience.  Did it help?  Were you light sensitive?

7 thoughts on “Anti-Aging LED Light at Home

  1. I purchased the Lightstim about 2 months ago and I love it. My skin was in pretty good shape. I use Tazorac (Avage), bought the RejuveMD you recommended, a Vitamin C serum etc. I use the lightstim in the evenings after cleansing my face, then a hyalaurinc moisturizer and use the lightstim. About 1 hour later I’ll put on the retinol and there haven’t been any problems. Even if the lightstim doesn’t work it’s just so relaxing having this gentle warmth. I think the corners of my mouth which were getting a little droopy are showing improvement. I’ve also used it on my hands which are showing signs of arthritis and again the gentle warmth in to my bones is wonderful. For what it’s worth I give this product a 5 star ratings. The only problem is the cord is llike a string and I have to be very careful with it. For the price of the product they could have put a better cord on it. I hope you enjoy it! Nuts4dogs

  2. i love mine! my skin has definately plumped up and my crows feet, forehead and nasoblasial lines(not terrible to begin with)have softened. i have been using for almost 4 weeks. i also use on my neck to help decrease my problem with flushing…it seems to really help!

  3. I have had a Lightstim for three years, approximately. (The antiaging version) I wash my face at night allow it to dry. Do my Lightstim and a bit later put on my Retin A before bed. I also use Vitamin C serum in the morning. So you can incorporate Lightstim in your routine without eliminating those. It is not irritating. Just don’t use them immediately before using it or it will drive them deeper into your skin….but afterwards is fine. You will love it…great for reducing appearance of pores.

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