Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  Kari of Fab Over 40 is the host of Fashion Flash and   she has an info packed post on  the European Waxing Centers.  One has opened in my hood, but  past scary waxing experiences has  made me  keep my distance.  Her explanation of   their waxing  techniques convinced me to make an appointment.  Beach season is right around the corner  and   hair removal is no longer an option.  Kari also  introduced me to an exquisite new  line of products   called  Naked Princess that  are perfect for Mother’s Day. Beautifully designed and packaged  they are designed  to celebrate being a women.  Nice.

And I am so proud of two  Fashion Flash  friends– Jojami Tyler of Fab After 40 is featured in a full page  ad in More magazine.  She is an Aveeno Brand Ambassador for their new Active Naturals campaign to award eight, $10,000  grants to  people in the community who are making a beautiful difference in the lives of their friends and neighbors.  For  more information on this program,  visit  Aveeno on Facebook.

And  before you  spend a day in the sun, be sure to  pick up the May issue of Redbook and read about Dr Ellen Marmur’s  own experience  with skin cancer.  She shares her before and after pix of skin cancer surgery and it is a vivid reminder to wear sunscreen each and every day.   Dr Marmur is not only a dermatologist, she is vice chair of cosmetic and dermatologic surgery  at Mount Sinai Medical Center where she is THE expert on skin cancer surgery.  Her story has a happy ending and  her scar is now virtually invisible. But her message is clear and strong– WEAR SUNSCREEN every day throughout the year.   Dr Marmur and her whole family  also wears  hats and sun protective clothing   to  lower  skin skin cancer risk.  Reading her story,  I think  you will be inspired to   crank up your  sun protection strategies.

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