Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This beautiful spring morning the host of Fashion  Flash is Jodell of Black Cat Plus.  Not only does Jodell discuss the  plus size fashion tips, she is now an e-tailer of some of the top clothing brands.   My cousin lives in an area where choices in plus size fashion is very limited.  She could  find the basics, but for  anything aboove that it was a struggle.  Now with Black Cat Plus she can find clothing  she loves, not something she has to settle for.

And when you’ve finished looking through  all the  dynamic Fashion Flash sites,  check out  Brown Skin by Susan Taylor MD.   A Harvard trained dermatologist, Dr Taylor provides a culturally sensitive, comprehensive  guide to  skin care for women of color.  African American, Hispanic and Asian skin has the ability to naturally resist aging, but is vulnerable … Continue Reading…

Question: What Causes Little Red Spider Veins on My Face?

Question:  Are spider veins, those little red lines, another sign of aging?  Can Vitamin K help?

Answer:  Sometimes  spider veins   can become  more prominent as we get older, but there are actually  six  main triggerers that can provoke them at any age.

1.  Pregnancy–  the increased blood volme that is part of pregnancy can  put pressure on veins.  In the legs  it can lead to varicose veins, while on the face, little red lines can blossom.

2. Heavy drinking– alcohol tends to expand blodd vessels  and large amounts of alcohol  can expand them so much that they burst.

3. Constant exposure to heat– Are you a Top Chef ?Many kitchen pros have spider veins because they spend so much time over a hot stove.

4. High blood pressure–  the increased pressure in the veins and arteries can be the driving force behind … Continue Reading…

Diet for Beauty– Day One

Its  hard to open up a health or beauty magazine without an article that links diet and beautiful skin.  While its certainly a no-brainer that what we eat affects how we look I want substantive claims that directly link good nutrition  to smooth younger looking skin.   

Some of the best evidence comes from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, aka  the NHANES study.  This  long ( ten year), large  (17K  men and women) study  compared daily food intake with a wide range of health issues including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  But what makes this a must  keep study for me is the relationship they studied between diet and wrinkles.  To bottom line it, the NHANES found that  people on diets  high in protein, fiber, vitamin C, linoleic acid and … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

Its a gorgeous spring day to be hosting Fashion Flash. This week our bloggers are bursting with info to keep you  young AND beautiful:

* The Glam  Gals of Fabulous After40  demonstrate  how to show off one of this spring’s boldest and hottest trends

* Shawna at Female Fat Loss Over Forty celebrates her 49th birthday and gives her top tips to staying  young

* Geri at Fab Over Fifty turns her camera on FOF street style.  She found a women who’s definitely channeling 70’s glam– shaggy vest, round shades and  wide legged trousers.  But did she ace this retro trend or should we send her back to Studio 54?

*Jodell of  Black Cat Plus  gives us a heads up that Full Figure Week is coming … Continue Reading…