Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Deja Pseu from Une Femme D’un Certain Age who is  just back from an incredible trip to Paris and Provence.  From her before- trip blogs about  choosing the right travel clothes to photos out of her  hotel window in Paris , I felt that I was actually along for the journey.  Checking out  her  street  shots of  fashionable  Parisian women of a certain age,  its clear that black still reigns as  the go-to color for chic French women.

I guess I’ve got a bad case of travel fever since my book of the week   turns out to be Passport to Beauty by Shalini Vadhera.   Its a collection of beauty tips  and secrets from around the world, most of  which are made from local ingredients.    I loved trying a mix of olive  oil and salt for winter-dry feet and was  intrigued by a yogurt and tumeric  paste to reduce cellulite on stomach and waist.  Brazil,   which has made its  beauty rep  with   hair straightening  and body  waxing techniques  provided  a  more natural sugar and lemon scrub to soften winter-dry  hands.

My favorite parts of Passport to Beauty focused on natural ways to treat dark spots and patches.  A common problem in Sosuth America, India and Asia, the book offers  a wide selection of homemade recipes to deal  with hyperpigmentation.  For example  a forumla from Japan adds  a few drops of camilla oil to a tablespoon of  sake to rub on the skin at night.   From Indonesia  comes a recipes of a lightening  scrub   based on coffee grounds.  But  to prevent  unwanted pigmentation,  author Shalini frequently reminds the reader to use  at least a 30SPF sunscreen every day.

Shalini  Vadhera is a celebrity make -up artist and has  her own line of products called Global Goddess.  I was very impressed that,  unlike some doctors, she did not  use her  book as a shameless self  promotion for her products.  She mentioned her   products  a  few times and  just where it was appropriate. Nice.

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