Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Geri of Fab Over Fifty is hosting  Fashion Flash.  I love her product testing features.  Instead of  just one opinion  she  has a panel of 5-7 women using the product  and reporting the results.  We all  have such individual reactions to skin care products that  a  a thumbs  up or down from one person is pretty limited.  Geri  gets a range of opinions that provides much  more information about the benefits  ( or drawbacks) of an anti-aging therapy. 

I was also excited to learn that Beauty Bash, the health and beauty expo created by Fab Over Fifty is coming back this year in September  and will be accompanied by Beauty Bash week in NYC. More on Beauty Bash as  the program develops.

May is National Smile Month  and it  seems like karma that  the book of the week is Smile! by the dentist  who invented GoSmile, Jonathan Levine.  Its  basically a  no-nonsense approach to  caring  for  your teeth and is packed with wonderful information. For example  it explains the differences between  whitening, desensitzening  and tartar control toothpastes including which ingredients to look for and which to avoid. I was surprised to learn that  about 60% of Americans have tooth   sensitivity issues  because the tiny tubules in the teeth  transmit messages to the nerves.  Potassium nitrate seals up tubules and prevents  pain transmissions.  However  Dr Levine points out that  to be effective  a toothpaste needs to have 5% potassium nitrate  and not all that make sensitivity claims  have that formulation. FYI   Dr Levine recommends Sensodyne  if  you have sensitive teeth.

The chapter on tooth whitening  alone is worth the  price of the book.  I was  fascinated  by the science behind tooth whitening and the way the different  techniques can work together.  Dr Levine writes about who should  and  should not get tooth whitening-  during pregnancy,  while breast feeding and under age 14. He also includes a tooth whitening spread sheet that  I will take with next time I  buy a whitening product.  Smile! by Joanthan Levine  has  earned a permanent place on my beauty bookshelf.

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