Does your Face Adjust to Face Products?

Question: I feel like I try a new serum or moisturizer  and get great early results but when I remain faithful, overtime I feel nothing more changes.  Is it me?  Should I rotate products to get better results?

Answer:  This is one  of my favorite topics!  We ( consumers) have all  experienced this.  We fall in love with a new skin care  product only to see the once wonderful benefits seem to twindle away.  Doctors and other skin experts have a boatload of different reasons as to the cause:

1. When  we first use a product it provides fresh new benefits, as it supplies what the skin needs.  Over time, other problems and isssues develop and the once new serum or lotion  cannot  meet the new needs.

2. Some dermatologists believe that the products still continue to work , but we’ve forgotten  how bad   our skin looked before.  In other words the original improvements are still there, but now we want more.

3.  Then there  is the phenomenon of “New User Benefits’.  For  example, if you’ve never used  an exfoliating scrub, the first time results are remarkable.  You have just taken off  layers of dead dry skin and your skin just glows.  Regular exfoliation will continue  to clarify your skin but the shock and awe of the first time will not be repeated.

4. If  you’ve purchased a second bottle of  a favorite  product only to be disappointed at the results, its possible that there’s been a “Change in Formula”.   One  or more of the key ingredients  had become too expensive, was in short supply  or even deemed unsafe.  Different ingredients, different results.

All of these are pretty subjective reasons for a products decline, but  in at least one case clinical studies have shown that skin cells do become resistant to an ingredient.  Researchers have found that after about six months skin cells no longer respond as enthusiastically to alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid.   The benefits  continue, but not as dramatically  as  when they were first introduced to the  skin. 

To bottom line it, there are numerous reasons that products seem to become less effective over time.  The question is what to do about it.  People report that rotating products seem to slow the loss of power, but jumping around too frequently will not allow the skin to get full benefits from a forumla.   Try using each  product for two- three weeks at a time to allow the skin cells  go  through  a full growth cycle before switching to another option.

Have you found that skin or hair care  product seem to deliver less and and less benefits?  How did you handle it?