Invisalign- Almost Halfway Done

May is National Smile Month and I’m almost halfway  through my Invisalign treatment.     Every two weeks, I   change my current  aligner for a new one that’s  just a bit tighter.  This week, for the first time since  I started  Invisalign, I went to to my dentist for a routine cleaning.   I have somewhat sensitive teeth and sometimes I have found that the cold air and  warm  abrasive tool of a cleaning  were a little uncomfortable.  Since  the sides of my teeth were filed down a bit and the pressure  from the aligners  can make  my teeth a little bit sore, I was concerned that cleaning would  hurt.

Not to worry. There was actually less discomfort than usual and the dental technician was thrilled with the state of my teeth and gums. Turns out that the plastic aligners that cover the teeth dramatically reduce plaque build-up and kept the teeth super white. She also was so happy to see the progress in my bite. Pulling out earlier pix of my mouth , she pointed out that the overlap in both the top and bottom teeth have practically vanished.

When I got home, I pulled out my set of “befores” from Dr Jacquie and took some homemade versions of “afters”. Check out the difference in the flare of the bottom teeth in the before ( left) and after ( below) pix. When I started Invisalign, I would have been happy with modest improvements. This change far exceeded my expectations and I’m not even half done.

When I began Invisalign  I found the idea of wearing  an aligner 22 out of 24 hours a day a bit daunting.  But IRL  it was no  big deal.  And wearing the aligners kept  me from snacking and I’ve dropped a whole dress size of the past four  months.  However I do find it hard to cook while wearing aligners.  I’m such a foodie and I taste and season as I work.  I find myself automatically taking out my aligners   as I tie on an apron.

One final thought:  In the past few weeks, several people have casually remarked that I had a beautiful smile.  Just  to be clear, other than my  mom, no one has ever said  I had a beautiful smile.  Great hair  or a  cool bag, but never a great smile.   Its certainly a great confidence builder.

4 thoughts on “Invisalign- Almost Halfway Done

    • My Invisalign will cost about $5000, less than half of what I was quoted for traditional braces. After an initial downpayment, I pay about $400/month for the treatment. Costs vary depending on how many aligners are needed and how long the treatment runs. I have 21 aligners and it should take a total of 9 months.

  1. Thank you so much for this post! I have an overbite (flared teeth) as well. My top row of teeth are straight and my two bottom teeth are slightly crooked, both rows flare out, too.

    From a front view, I have a nice smile, but from the side I feel like I look like a dinosaur or monkey, lol. I also have nasiolabial lines, and I feel my overbite plays a part in it.

    I am in my mid-twenties and just started a new job, and I’m happy to know that this could be an alternative for me. I can’t afford braces, but when I can, I’d hate to have the “railroad track” on my teeth, I feel it would make my face look worse or ruin eating for me.

    Thank you soooo much for sharing this! I googled like crazy and found nothing but advice for crooked teeth and underbites.

    • I’m so glad you found the post helpful! It does sound like we have very similar problems. One of the reasons that I started No-Nonsense Beauty Blog was the lack of real time beauty advice. I too wore out my fingertips looking for info and it was only when I met Dr Jackie at Beauty Bash ( a health and beauty expo) that I actually got a chance to talk details of the process. In fact other dentists tried to sell me traditional braces that would cost twice as much and take almost three times as long. THere is so much out there that doesn’t work, and I’m so pleased to be able to share something that does. FYI I pay monthly for Invisalign which makes it more affordable. Let me know how you are doing.

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