Sensitive Skin 101

Over 50% of Americans believe that they have sensitive skin – and I am one of them.  Several times a year  I will glance at the mirror to  see that strange red splotches  have appeared.  Over time I’ve had to become a homegrown expert on all things sensitive and when a  product promises  to be safe for sensitive skin my first reaction is ” Oh really”.

Causes of Sensitive Skin

The first thing I learned about these red spots is that they  are driven by different  factors.  Sensitive skin is  a kind of umbrella term for skin problems that produce red, flaky sometimes itchy skin.  There are basically six, count ’em, six different types and its important to identify the true  cause to select the right  treatments and … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Deja Pseu from Une Femme D’un Certain Age who is  just back from an incredible trip to Paris and Provence.  From her before- trip blogs about  choosing the right travel clothes to photos out of her  hotel window in Paris , I felt that I was actually along for the journey.  Checking out  her  street  shots of  fashionable  Parisian women of a certain age,  its clear that black still reigns as  the go-to color for chic French women.

I guess I’ve got a bad case of travel fever since my book of the week   turns out to be Passport to Beauty by Shalini Vadhera.   Its a collection of beauty tips  and secrets from around the world, most of  which are made from local ingredients.    I loved trying a mix of olive  oil and salt … Continue Reading…

Retin A and Acne– What Cleansers and Moisturizers Can I Use?

I got a great  email from a 16 year old  who  is using Retin A micro  for acne control.  Like most of us, she got the prescription with little or no advice about   how to use it.  She wanted to know what  scrubbing grains, toners and moisturizer I would recommend.  She was concerned about the redness and peeling and wanted to avoid these problems with additional  skin  care products

Retin A  was actually originally  developed and approved for acne  management.  This vitamin A derivative helps the skin to empty  pores clogged with debris, shuts down overactive oil glands and helps skin turnover to reduce discolorations from old acne eruptions.   This process includes flaking off old dry keratin that is contributing to blocked pores and breakouts. Some peeling and flaking is necessary and actually good.  However   you need to keep it under control to … Continue Reading…