Quinoa- The New Beauty Grain

Every year there  seems to a new miracle food– acai berries, pomegranate juice and coffeeberry  all promised to be the key to health and beauty, but  just turned out to be expensive  fads.  When I started to hear about quinoa, I  thought it was just another hard core health  food.  But quinoa is truely a great new addition to  a beauty diet. 

Quinoa is a pseudo cereal that looks  like a grain but is actually closely related  to beets  and spinach.  It has the mild taste and texture of couscous or rice but with more protein and HALF the carbs.  Gluten-free quinoa is so nutritious that it is a candidate crop for NASA’a  Controlled Ecological  Life Support System  for long term human space flights.

How healthy is quinoa?  One  cup of cooked quiona  … Continue Reading…

Psoriasis– Sensitive Skin, Part 5

What do Kim Kardashian, Leann Rimes and my neighbor Erica  have in common?  Like almost 8  million Americans they all   have psoriasis.  This  chronic skin condition is caused  by  a dramatically increased speed of  skin cell growth leading  to red splotches coverd with  silvery scales.  Itchy, dry and  painful it usually pops up on the torso, hands, elbows,  and legs.  Unlike eczema, its found on the outside rather than on the underside of  joints.

Like so  many health problems, doctors  don’t  really have a good handle on the causes of psoriasis. It seems to be genetically driven and  about 30%  of people with  psoriasis have at least one family member with the condition.  Psoriasis flare-ups  have been  linked to wheat, stress, weight gain, strep infection cold weather, smoking  and heavy drinking.  Psoriasis can also cause joint  pain and swelling and up to 30% … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the  host of Fashion Flash  is Kari of Fab Over 40.  Whenever I  am in the market for a new make-up  or skin care treatment, I  visit  Fab Over 40 to check out her advice.  She carefully road tests  each product and when she reports that something works, it does.   Recently she introduced me to two new   multi-tasking  products from Sisley– a moisturizing self-tanner and  a tinted moisturizer wirh a SPF 20.   Not only do duel  purpose products  save money,  IMO I think   a single product  works better  then piling one on top of another.   

I  had watched Dr Denese  on PBS and was almost mesmerized by her Hungarian accent as  she talked about anti-aging strategies.    They were  packed with  pretty heavy science and  her  book allowed me  to get a better grasp of her concepts.    For the … Continue Reading…

Q & A– Botox No-Shows

Question:  Why doesn’t Botox  work  for  me?  After an injection I see a difference  for a week or two, then I’m back to where I started.

Answer:  Such an appropriate question since  this year is the 10th anniversary of the FDA approval of Botox– the  trade name  for the neurotoxin that is arguably America’s favorite anti-aging tool.  When  properly injected, it relaxes the facial muscles including frown lines on the forehead and crow’s feet around the eyes.  Botox can also make changes to the face that makes  the eyes look wider and raise the eyebrows.

The key word here is “properly”.  The face has 40 different muscles- some move up and some  move downward.  The injector  has to know where to position the shots to get the desired impact.

According to Fifth Avenue cosmetic surgeon Dr Paula Moynahan, there are  several possibilities … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Shawna of  Female Fat Loss Over 40.  If I get  discouraged  or lazy about fitness, scrolling through this  site  gets  me back on track. While   watching a a twenty something   hustle through  Zumba routinue makes me feel that fitness is an impossible goal,   Shawna’s step by  step  advice and videos empowers me to  do more.

And when you are finished  looking through all the great Fashion Flash sites, check out  The Best of Clean Eating published by Robert Kenneday Publishing.   I read  my first issue of Clean Eating magazine while getting my bi-annual   highlights.  I was so excited  by the temping, gorgeous yet healthy recipes that as soon as I was finished, I ran out to find my own copy.  When I couldn’t find it in the neighborhood news stands,  I … Continue Reading…

Beauty Food Close-Up- Eggs

Trying to put together  menus that  incorporated the  maximum beauty foods, I realized that I had only explored three  protein  options- yogurt, shrimp and mussels– good start  but  more is definitely needed.  I decided to start with breakfast  and go up close  and personal with eggs.

Available everywhere, affordable and quick to cook, eggs pack  big nutrition into  that little oval shell.  One average size egg  has six grams of protein and a respectable load of vitamin A, B2, folic acid, B6, choline, iron, calcium, potassium and vitamin D– and all  there for less than 70 calories.  Chicken fed a diet of polyunsaturated fats and kelp  will also be a source of omega-3 fatty acids  which is a great added  value to the basic egg.    Eggs are just about everrywhere … Continue Reading…

Eczema– Sensitive Skin, Part 4

What do Kate Middleton, Nicole Kidman and Brad  Pitt have in common? 

 In addition to being  gorgeous, they all have  to deal with eczema.  And they  are hardly alone.  It is estimated that  1 in 10 people  have experienced  eczema  at some point  in their lives.

The red, scaly, dry, itchy  patches of eczema  are due to  an immune system gone wild.  While the exact mechanism is  not  completely clear,  eczema seems to  run in families,  especially where there is a history of allergies and/or asthma. Eczema usually appears on the scalp, neck, inside the elbows and behind the knees.   Once there is a tendancy for eczema,  lifestyle factors can trigger an outbreak or  make it worse.  These triggers include stress, excessive heat and cold, detergents, allergies and perhaps diet.   

Treatment of Eczema

Getting eczema under control  starts … Continue Reading…

It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  Jodell of  Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash.   She  is such  an amazing resource.  Recently  she posted about  the plus size bikini  dubbed the” Fatkini”  by its designer  and a new series from Stacy London on Plus Size Shopping.  I was also impressed   by  her report on a recent study  that showed women  were 60% more likely to buy  clothing  when  it was worn by a model whose  body type  was similar to their own. 

   And when you have finished clicking through all the great  Fashion Flash  sites, take a  look at Crazy Busy Beauty by Carmindy Acosta.  She is the make-up artist on What Not To Wear  and I have to admit I’m a little to addicted to  makeover  shows so its  very tempting  to actually  buy a book to  follow along.  Crazy Busy BeautyContinue Reading…