Its Fashion Flash Monday!

The week our newest blogger, Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  I’ve been a huge fan of Prime Beauty and I’m thrilled  she has joined us.  If  you’re not already  a fan, Prime Beauty  is aimed at women over 40 and has been named one of the top 50 Beauty Blogs, and is a member of  Total Beauty, Beauty Blogger Coalition and Beauty News Feed.   Cindy has a special passion  for new brands and  gorgeous  products.  I love her take on new nail colors  and fragrances and I’m willing to bet that  you will too.

I  just started exploring Pinterest  and one of the  boards I am working on  is called   Fabulous Forever— a gallery of beautiful women over 50.   Its empowering to see beauty  doesn’t  have to  fade, but I wanted to include  women who were something other than a  model or actress.  So I was really psyched to pick up a copy of Gracefully by Valerie Ramsey.

At 68 with sparkling blue eyes white hair and a radiant smile, this mother of six offers inspiring and realistic advice for a women of any age.  Divided into “Body”, “Mind” and ” Soul Ramsey shares  her personal  health and   beauty knowledge.   I was especially drawn to her grace and courage  to the challenges  that life throws at  us. For example   at the start of an important project in her life, she trips  and breaks her leg and then   gets a diagnosis of uterine cancer and heart disease.  Not wanting to let  her colleagues and clients down, she finshed the week long project on crutches, but  content that she kept  it all together.    Her positive attitude is infectious and her guidence provides gentle, real time  solutions.   Combining practical solutions  with  personal experience Gracefully is like  having having a wise kind friend to  go to for   timely advice.

At age 60 she did become a runway and print model, but I think it is her unwavering faith in life that  illuminates  her physical beauty.

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