It’s Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  Jodell of  Black Cat Plus is hosting Fashion Flash.   She  is such  an amazing resource.  Recently  she posted about  the plus size bikini  dubbed the” Fatkini”  by its designer  and a new series from Stacy London on Plus Size Shopping.  I was also impressed   by  her report on a recent study  that showed women  were 60% more likely to buy  clothing  when  it was worn by a model whose  body type  was similar to their own. 

   And when you have finished clicking through all the great  Fashion Flash  sites, take a  look at Crazy Busy Beauty by Carmindy Acosta.  She is the make-up artist on What Not To Wear  and I have to admit I’m a little to addicted to  makeover  shows so its  very tempting  to actually  buy a book to  follow along.  Crazy Busy Beauty is packed with little tips to  crank up  your make-up routinue.  For example  Carmindy offers seven quick party looks  including Hollywood Glamour ( black liner and red cheeks) and Romantic ( rose lips and cheeks plus soft brown eye shadow).  I followed her advice to use  sheer stains rather than darker  lippies, and apply eye liner before mascara.   She also  offers seasonal tips like  a dusting  of  gold shadow for summer  and a matte eye shadow if the skin on the eye is  less than smooth. 

Every five years  or  so I get convinced  to have my make-up done at a counter and then buy too much stuff.  I tend to  wear it for the next few years  gradually abandoning  all but the basic steps.  Rather than  giving  me  another  big plan to follow, Carmindy  offers  short quick tips that  crank up my make-up  with minimal effort or  cost.  For example  to  make my make-up  more summery I’ve traded my  favorite  wine lipstick for a sheer coral gloss and my  tawny blusher  for a  fresher, lighter pink.   Crazy Sexy Beauty is especially full of tips for women over 40

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