Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Shawna of  Female Fat Loss Over 40.  If I get  discouraged  or lazy about fitness, scrolling through this  site  gets  me back on track. While   watching a a twenty something   hustle through  Zumba routinue makes me feel that fitness is an impossible goal,   Shawna’s step by  step  advice and videos empowers me to  do more.

And when you are finished  looking through all the great Fashion Flash sites, check out  The Best of Clean Eating published by Robert Kenneday Publishing.   I read  my first issue of Clean Eating magazine while getting my bi-annual   highlights.  I was so excited  by the temping, gorgeous yet healthy recipes that as soon as I was finished, I ran out to find my own copy.  When I couldn’t find it in the neighborhood news stands,  I raced back and begged the salon owner to let me buy  her copy.  It was that good.

Most lifestyle magazines will offer a monthly article on healthier food choices and recipes– printed right between an article on  fried chicken around the world and the  ten best recipes for cheesecake.    In Clean Eating every sinlge recipe is packed with healthy nutrients and avoids all the stuff you don’t want to eat.   Now the editors of CLean Eating  have compiled about 200 of the best recipes into a colorful temping book.  The Best of Clean Eating offers a full range of easy meals, snacks, budget entrees, and cooking for one or two.  For example I’ve always loved  the sweet potato spread  served at the Angelica Kitchen ( the iconic vegan restaurant  where  John Lennon was a regular)  and the recipe in Clean Eating is equally wonderful.  My favorite chapters  offers recipes for what are my most  calorie and fat laden  times– holiday dinners and Summer BBQ.  For example the Clean Eating Mock Sangria starts with white cranberry juice and its my new summer favorite.

The Best of Clean Eating also provides a months worth of menus and shopping lists that detail how to  use  the recipes IRL.

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