Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the  host of Fashion Flash  is Kari of Fab Over 40.  Whenever I  am in the market for a new make-up  or skin care treatment, I  visit  Fab Over 40 to check out her advice.  She carefully road tests  each product and when she reports that something works, it does.   Recently she introduced me to two new   multi-tasking  products from Sisley– a moisturizing self-tanner and  a tinted moisturizer wirh a SPF 20.   Not only do duel  purpose products  save money,  IMO I think   a single product  works better  then piling one on top of another.   

I  had watched Dr Denese  on PBS and was almost mesmerized by her Hungarian accent as  she talked about anti-aging strategies.    They were  packed with  pretty heavy science and  her  book allowed me  to get a better grasp of her concepts.    For the first time I actually understood  the principles behind HGH treatment– the hormone that  seems to be involved  in the maintenance and repair of  muscle and tissue throughout the body. Studies have shown that HGH  mobilizes fat deposits and increase energy, stamina, immunity and memory.   HGH injections are very expensive and  controversial, but Dr Denese recommends ways of naturally increasing HGH in the body.  Nice. 

She offers an especially strict low carb,  low fat  low calorie diet that  seems  to have more  supplements than real food.   While I agree that low carb is the best way to control weight,  I don’t think I could stay on this diet for more than a day. 

Her skin care section offered  a much more accessible approach to dealing with  the wrinkles and  discolorations of aging.   Dr Denses  is passionate about exfoliation  and  drills down to explain how  all skin types can benefit from alpha and beta hydroxy acids and retinoids like Retin A.    While she often   pushes  her own product line, she does  give other options.  She points out that  many over the counter products are very low in active ingredients like glycolic acid and salicylic acid, and explains how to find the most effective formulations.  She is a  big fan of individual treatment  pads and even  suggests using them to exfoliate the body.The  book is packed with basic info and   has prompted me  to try  new  approaches  and worth a spot on  my ever growing beauty bookshelf.

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