Question and Answer– Retin A and the Eyes

Question:  If I can’t use Retin A ( aka retinoid) on my eyes,  what  can I use?

Answer:  I answer every email  that I get at  No-Nonsense Beauty Blog, but this one  is so relevant for all of us, I wanted to  put it in my Q& A.  While its  true that you can’t use  straight retinoids around the eyes,  a combination product of retinoids, a steroid and hydroquinone  known as Triluma can  deliver anti-aging benefits.   Triluma’s claim to fame is its ability to erase  dark spots and patches, but the retinoids  also  may build collagen and reduce wrinkling.  For reasons that are not clear, Triluma is  no longer available commercially, but a  full-service pharmacy can compound it specially for you.  I  did just that and uploaded up post about the process on March 28, 2012.

Triluma (  branded or custom made)  can only be used for  three  months at … Continue Reading…

LED Lights for Wrinkles- Week One

I passed the  skin  sensitivity test  for Lightstim LED lights  with flying colors. This week I began actually using  the device to reduce  signs of aging.   The instructions for LightStim   were super simple:

1. Gently place  the  LED device against the skin in  the area to be treated.

2. Hold the device on that spot for 3 minutes.

3. Repeat again every night for at least six to eight months.

During the treatment period,  I can’t use retinoids or exfoliating scrubs.  However Clarisonic and LED lights are a great combo so I can continue to use one of my favorite beauty tools.  I also need to be extra compulsive about using a sunscreen since  these lights can increase suseptibility to the sun.

This  FDA approved LED device can be used on all  facial wrinkles.  But before investing theContinue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

The week our newest blogger, Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  I’ve been a huge fan of Prime Beauty and I’m thrilled  she has joined us.  If  you’re not already  a fan, Prime Beauty  is aimed at women over 40 and has been named one of the top 50 Beauty Blogs, and is a member of  Total Beauty, Beauty Blogger Coalition and Beauty News Feed.   Cindy has a special passion  for new brands and  gorgeous  products.  I love her take on new nail colors  and fragrances and I’m willing to bet that  you will too.

I  just started exploring Pinterest  and one of the  boards I am working on  is called   Fabulous Forever— a gallery of beautiful women over 50.   Its empowering to see beauty  doesn’t  have to  fade, but I wanted to include  women who were something other than a  model or actress.  So … Continue Reading…

Melon Season is Here!

Nothing says the start of summer like the piles of round sweet melons  in supermarkets and farm stand tables.  Melons, including honeydew, watermelon, persian and casaba, are low calorie, affordable and offer a range of vitamins and minerals.

Waterrmelon is mostly water but its red flesh is a great source of   cancer fighting lycopene.  Cantaloupe  is the nutritional  rock star of the melon world.  The sweet rich orange  flesh is packed with  beta carotene, potassium, vitamin A ( 80% of RDA) and vitamin C ( 60% of RDA).  Since  both of these vitamins are closely linked  to  smoother less  wrinkled skin,  cantaloupes   should be part of  beauty diet.

In recent years there have been outbreaks of illness linked to cantoloupe contaminated during storage.  To reduce problems buy whole rather than cut-up … Continue Reading…