Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Geri of Fab Over Fifty aka FOF.   This sassy site  for smart, dynamic women is  packed with must read features.  FOF  tests  all manner of beauty and health care products  that range from glycolic peels to  magnetic devices for hot  flashes. I love  Date My Kid  section where  Mom’s can post pics and bios of their  single  children and I’m waiting for the announcement of the first FOF  marriage.    There is a  vibrant community of FOF guru’s  that are waiting   anxiously to answer   your questions on topics that range from antiques to woman’s health.  And  the  prizes  on FOF giveaways are soooo temping ( eg weekend spa vacations)  I never  miss a chance to enter.

One of the  most  popular features on FOF   is Hot or Not.  Origninally a term  used by snarky  under grads to rate girls,  at FOF  it means  on the street fashions that  stylists evaluate.   The FOF camera  captures women  with an interesting look and  asks the stylists if they think it works.  It informative and hilarious.  Don’t miss it. 

I   often review  review  books  on health fitness and  beauty ( usually on Fashion Flash) so  when I saw an announcement for a one day conference for book bloggers, I was  in.  At the author’s breakfast we  could get a chance to meet  writers and discuss their books.  Cool!  But it turned out that  almost all the books seemed to be either paranormal romances   or  for children  so I  just enjoyed  meeting Jennifer Weiner ( In Her Shoes, Good in Bed).  She is as smart, irreverent and funny as her books. 

One final  thought.   There  were   tall stacks  of   of  free books for the book bloggers, but  it was almost impossible to lug all of  them around the all day conference.  Its the digital age people.  How about free downloads so that we can get a take home  all the wonderful work without developing a herniated disk.  Its a win-win situation.  Publishers  get  their books reviewed and bloggers don’t have to  carry around  industrial size bottles of Advil.

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