Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the hosts of Fashion Flash are the Glam Gals of Fabulous After 50.   I love their staste and style but  what  makes  Fabulous After 40  unique is that they create wonderful looks at reasonable prices.  In so many magazines the recommended outfits clock in at over $2000 a look.  It bothers me that  many ourfits cost more than a months take home pay.    Without using thrift shops or big  box stores, The Glam Gals put together amazing looks with affordable and currently available items. 

When it comes to style I’m a “nice girl”.  I love simple classic clothes, and accessories, but I’m all too aware that its  a very fine line between quiet elegance and just plain drab and unfinished.  And as  the decades have gone by  the minimalist styles I choose can look especially dull rather than chic. 

I try to crank up my style with some bling but most of  my attempts to walk on the fashion wild side  stay in the store dressing room.  The few I take home live most of their lives in the closet.  Afraid that I’ll look like Snooki, I fall back to my pearls and sweater sets.   Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls was written for a women like me. 

In a friendly upbeat tone, author and make-up artist Demetri James demonstrates how a “nice girl” like me  can crank up  her style to be less invisable. In other books,  makeovers show a  before  woman in sweat pants and a pony tail– and then transformed  wearing a cocktail dress ad full hair and make-up.   James shows how a nice girl can amp up her look in a wide range of real life  situations including workplace, first  date, travel and weekend wear.  He even offers styling advice for online dating photos.  Hint- don’t  upload a pic holding a baby.

James offers  make-up tips that I can actually follow.  For example  he recommends pairing  a smoky eye with plae lipstick and  simple liner  and mascara with bright lips.   James recommends his own  line of Skinn  cosmetics ( sold  on QVC), but not at the expense  of providing  dozens  of  practical tips.   

I’m always looking for books that drill deep into a topic  to come up with original and helpful advice– and Naughty Makeovers for Nice Girls is  just my type of book.  It is  just about the nicest self-published book I’ve seen.  The illustriations are  charming and  clearly illustrate his make-up and fashion advice.  Its available on Amazon ( in hardcover and Kindle) and in Barnes and Noble book stores.

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