Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the  host of Fashion Flash is Deja Pseu of Une Femme D’un Certain Age. I love this site and  check in every day to read  her always insightful and entertaining posts.  Recently she  took on the white shirt  which  just about every  fashionista recommends as a  warddrobe basic.  However as the  years go by the  plain tailored  white shirt which looked so cute in our twenties, now  seems  boxy and severe.  Pseu  tried on  a wide range of styles and came up with   runched  front that  both defines a waist and hides a multitude of flaws.   A simple answer to a common problem. Her videos  on  different ways to tie a scarf are so delightful I would love  to gift them  to friends.  Right now you can download them for free but I have urged her to package them for … Continue Reading…

Q & A- Sunscreens and the Hair

Question:  I’m now a believer and use  a sunblock everyday on my  face, neck and  hands.  I’ve been seeing ads for  shampoos and conditioners  with  sunscreens.  Should I   use them  to protect  my hair from UV damage?

Answer:  Hair is made of keratin, which is also found in  skin.  But the keratin in hair is dead– which is why you can cut it without pain.  And because the  hair shafts  are dead, UV rays  cannot cause cancerous changes. However UV rays can  still damage the hair.  Shampoos and conditioners with sunscreens   are  just rinsed out and cannot   offer  protection.   Spray on sunscreens  would  have to leave a thick  greasy film in order to genuinely block UV rays.  FYI You will notice that hair care products with sunscreens don’t  provide an SPF.  This is because   their protection cannot be measured the way it  can be with the skin. 

However, sunlight can definately … Continue Reading…

Sensitive Skin and Diet

All skin  types need a healthy diet. With sensitive skin that is prone to redness, bumps or itching, food choices can be the  key to clear, smooth skin. Very specific dietary changes can have a big impact– and what is  important here is that each type of sensitive skin has unique dietary needs.

Diet and Rosacea

The triggers for rosacea are many and varied, but four food factors are common for the 16 million people living with problem.  Alcohol, coffee, spicy foods and chocolate are at the top of the list of food factors to avoid to reduce rosacea exacerbations. These are fairly easy to carve away from a standard diet  and  many people  with rosacea can expect  to see some relief.  FYI  decaf coffee and tea seem to be … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday

This week Staness of  Menopause Makeover is hosting Fashion Flash.  I love her supportive and effective advice on weight control.  Want to know  your ideal weight?  Just enter your height and gender and the  number pops up  within seconds.  I was happy to learn that  I was  less than 7 pounds away.  That’s  a number I can handle.

Menopause Makeover also  has  a great selection of easy, delicious and health recipes.   This week I made her tilapea with cherry tomatoes and black olives.  Flavored with  a bit of white wine, olive oil and garlic, it clocked in at less than 250  calories  per delicious serving.  

This week I picked up The Bag Lady Papers, a   small pink book with a big impact. Author   Alexandra Penney  had been  a well known lifestyle writer who  lost  her  entire life savings when she invested  them … Continue Reading…