Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.   I think Prime beauty is one of the prettiest beauty sites on the web.  It certainly  gives me confidence  in the recommendations of  a beauty site  if  it is  well, beautiful.  What I think sets Prime Beauty apart is  the focus on “indie” brands.  The big brands like L’oreal and   Oil of Olay get the lions share of ad and editorial space, but the true innovation is often  in the smaller personal product lines.  But  which one can you choose?  Prime Beauty explores them for me.

I’m looking  for a new bathing suit and the stores are filled with fall sweaters and boots.  And as usual, I feel overwhelmed.  Everything looks wonderful, yet Idon’t  know what I want.  This weekend I picked up a used copy of  The One Hundred by Nina Garcia. Quite simply, in alphabetical order, it looks at   the 100 pieces that  every woman needs to feel  well-dressed for all situations. 

Ms Garcia, the Fashion Director of Marie Claire and  judge of Project Runway, came up with the idea when  she  had to pack up  her closet  while her apartment was remodeled.  She realized that she kept choosing the same items over and over and as long a she could rely on them, she  always felt good.  From  the A-line dress to a zippered  hoodie, Ms Garcia  explains her choices and   why  they are fashion basics.   I especially  liked her approach to animal prints.   They can crank  up  a plain black dress ike nothing else, but need to be used  in small doses   or in her  words ” you”ll  look like road kill” 

The One Hundred  makes it clear that great style is  in the details.    According to Ms G, a boyfriend  sweater should have four buttons and two pockets on the front.  A pair of  black opaque tights  should not show any skin.     And  a camel coat  looks equally wonderful over jeans  or a little black dress.  My favorite thing about this book is that it  lets me  “shop” in  my own drawers and closets to come up with great looks with what I already own.

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