Beauty Best Bets– Three New Favorites

When it comes to personal care products, I tend to  follow the less is more philosophy.  Rather than   shelves of different options,  I  like to  find what I think  is the best product for me — and then stick to it.  This sets the bar pretty high and a new formulation  has to be unique to find a spot in my medicine cbinet. I’ve not added  to my  Fabuous Fifteen in more than ayear but with  newly sensitive skin, I needed new options:

1.  Anti-Redness Foaming Cleanser ( Alaur, $50) — When it comes to skin care it seems that most  people start with a moisturizer.  Not me.  I think that the right cleanser is the foundation of any treatment plan.   When my skin developed a type of rosacea,  I needed to change cleansers.  Anti-Redness Foaming Cleanser is a gentle product that not  only avoids irritating ingredients, it contains sulfosuccinate which deals with the organisms which contribute to redness. Its applied  all over the face and gently massaged into the skin, then rinsed off with cool water. It leaves my skin smooth  and refreshed and keeps redness at bay.  It is only  available from the  offices of Dr Albert Lefkovits ( 212- 861-9600).  You can call and  place an order to  be  sent out to you.

2. Sunforgettable  SPF50 ( Colorscience, $60)

When I’m asked for my single most important anti-aging  tip, its a no-brainer.   A daily sunscreen is both the easiest and most affordable  way to  prevent signs of early aging.   But finding a sunscreen  that works for sensitive skin can be challenging.  Chemical sunscreens like Helioplex are super-effective but can be irritating to rosacea or acne prone skin.  Physical  sunscreens  like titanium dioxide  work well but their  creamy base can provoke problems.  Since developing a tendency to  blossom with  red splotches, I’ve been using mineral make-up  which contain  physical sunscreens  but offer only a 20SPF.   Its  better than nothing, especially when applied  every two hours, but its really not enough coverage for a day at the beach. 

When I discovered Colorscience Sunforgettable at  Cosmoprof  in Las Vegas, I felt  like the mothership had called me home. This brush on powder is packaged in a brush topped vial and is uber easy  to reapply during the day.   I used it on vaca around a pool, on a picnic and playing tennis  and not  a single freckle or splotch appeared.   This is pretty significant since about 80% of people with rosacea report that  sunlight is the biggest redness trigger.

Sunforgettable is not inexpensive, but totally worth the money. Not available in stores, it can be  purchased   online, and from physicians and spas.   I don’t usually like to buy color-based  products online because its hard to find the right shade.  I have fairly light skin tones and ordered the medium shade.  I usually buy lighter shades, but I  thought it might give me a bit of summer color.  Medium turned out to be fairly  light and neutral, and  looked quite good.    I am so attached to this product  that I’ve added it to my ” leaving the apartment check list:  eg keys, wallet, phone and now Sunforgettable.

3.Sugar Lip Polish ( Fresh,$22.50)

I love when a little idea produces a big result.  Sugar Lip Polish just works.  This  gritty paste gently removes old, dry  lip skin  and makes  lips  look fresher and lipstick applies more smoothly.  Not only does the sugar as as a scrub, its also rich in glycolic acid– a great anti-aging ingredient.  Its available  at the Fresh counter in department stores and in Sephora– both instore and online.   This little tub  is worth  the real estate  in even the most crowded medicine cabinet shelves.

Note:  I purchased all the products used in this review.

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  1. Hello Deborah, I’ve purchased products based on your recommendations in the past and was interested in the sun block since I haven’t quite found my “holy grail”. The link you have for colorsciences takes me to a site that doesn’t look like it sells skin care products.

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