Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week, Geri of Fab Over 50 is hosting Fashion Flash.    Her second Beauty Bash event will be on September 29  at the Metropolitan Pavillion in NYC.  One of my favorite make-up artists Sandy Linter will be back and I look forward to getting  a new evening look.   The  fun  and  info will continue in New Jersey  and New York for an entire   Beauty Bash week.  Check out   Fab Over 50 website  to read about the experts  you will meet at Beauty Bash  and the events  for the continuing fabulous week.   Use the code NYPost to  get $30 off the $75 ticket. 

Just published, Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible  is  my new favorite fashion guide.  But rather than just another make-over book, it is an entertaining exploration of what we wore  though  history.  I have to admit that I am a history wonk.  I’ve even  been busted   reading  a book on the history of salt.   Traditional history in school books  deal with wars, kings and politicians and are written by the winners.   I believe that we can get a much  more honest picture  of  what actually happened by looking at how people lived– what they ate,  how they  furnished their homes and  especially   what they wore.  For example, Gunn points out that the Romans shortened the Greek toga because the streets of room were so dirty.   Another  Fashion factoid from Mr Gunn?    Blue jeans became popular in the 1849 California Gold Rush  when men needed  pants rugged enough to work in a mine.  My favorite tidbit–   The raglan sleeve  was created for Lord Raglan  who lost an arm at the battle of Waterloo and needed a jacket that was easier to  pull on.  ( I love this stuff)

This beautifully illustrated book is  more than   just a  history book.  It relates  fashion  history  to  current styles  and offers  Gunn’s advice is always  on point.   The  book is peppered  with his  never boring and often hilarious  personal anecdotes.

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  1. Hey Deb, if you need a new evening look check out our latest makeup post with Eva Scrivo along with Beauty Bash. Caryl’s makeover was quite dramatic. Talk soon. Thanks.

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