Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week the host of Fashion Flash is Kari of Fab Over 40.  This constantly updated site  has become  my go-to  spot for all things beauty.  In recent weeks she has  profiled   five new delicious lingerie brands, a new long lasting lipstick with vitamins and without parabens,  and a honey  bath scrub from Laura Mercier.  I  have to admit I want them all.

I often have problems with celebrity beauty tips.  When asked  how they maintain a perfect body they claim a)  they never diet, b) drink a gallon of water a day or c) they inherrited their goods looks.  Seriously?

By contrast, Beth Chamberlin, star of the late, great Guiding Light, not only honestly  admits her  body problems, she shares  her real  diet and fitness strategies.  Beth and her husband, Dr Peter Roy  developed a popular Kettlebell program  that … Continue Reading…

Question and Answer– Do I Need Another Doctor?

Question: My doctor says I have rosacea but when I checked online medical   photos,  my skin did not  look at all like those  pictures.  Should I get another doctor?

Answer:  There are  actually two parts to this question:

1) How accurate are online medical photos?

2) When should I get a second opinion?

Online medical photos can be pretty lurid.  When I was looking to illustrate my series on sensitive skin, I had to be careful to avoid scaring  small children.  Medical illustrations usually feature full blown  disease states.   Early stages or mild cases  often look very differrent.  It may be that you are comparing your  newly diagnosed rosacra with long term, wide spread rosacea– are fortunately your complexion issues are not as severe or advanced.

Try the suggested treatment for two weeks.  If there is no  improvement you have … Continue Reading…

Beauty Time– How Long Does it Take To Work?

Last month I was dealing with a hair trigger skin  that seemd to develop red splotches at the slightest  provocation.  It went on for weeks until I tried Metrogel and the problems ended  overnight.  This was obviously great news but  it set me thinking– “how long should it take  to get results from a skin care treatment?”

The answer  obviously depends on the problem and the cure:

1.  Tretinoin ( aka Retin A) — Tretinoin is approved for both acne and anti-aging, but the time frame is significantly different.  Its no secret  that I am a big fan of tretinoin and  I feel that its the foundation of an anti-aging plan.  It clarifies  the surface, fades dark spots, encourages collagen growth and stimulates circulation.  Used 4-7x/  week, you may start seeing … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  the host of Fashion Flash is Staness of Menopause Makeover.  I wish her site  had been there   during my menopause years.  Its packed  with  truely helpful info in a upbeat positive voice.  But you don’t have to be  in full blown menopause to appreciate Menopause  Makeover.  The ideas and advice are equally valuable for  perimenopause  when things  just  don’t seem to be right and post  menopause when things are  just  not the same.

I’m always looking for new ways to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables  in my meals.  I’ve been exploring  new  items like spelt and flaxseed, but I keep falling  back  to my usual habits– tuna on whole wheat and dry grilled chicken breasts.  This summer I picked up a little paperback that has changed  both my food … Continue Reading…

Spelt- Another Way to Lower Gluten

A new vegan bakery called  Vegan Divas  opened in my hood and all the cakes, muffins, doughnuts and cookies  are made with spelt rather than wheat.  I was intrigued.  Is spelt healthier?  Less calories?

Grain for grain wheat actually has about twice the fiber and 25% more protein than spelt.  On the plus side, spelt is  lower  in gluten so it can be  a better  choice for milder gluten problems or eczema control.  Like most grains, spelt is an excellent source of B vitamins (especially thiamin) and minerals including manganese and iron.  Spelt  pasta, crakers and  bread have a hearty, nutty flavor that is definately  more assertive  than traditional wheat based recipes.

The Vegan Divas bakery was packed with women clearly hungry  for healthy treats.  And unlike the cakes and muffins at Starbucks or Panera that give … Continue Reading…