Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week, Cindy of  Prime Beauty  is hosting Fashion Flash.   I am in the middle of  Budget Beauty series so I’ve become a huge fan of  Prime Beauty’s Frugal Friday feature.  This week she  featured a tempting palatte  of eye shadows made even more tempting at half price.   Cindy has also started to feature great holiday gift sets including  Kiehls’s Creme de Corps Holiday Collection with 100% of sales going to children’s causes around the world and Tarte Baby it Bold Outside   blush or lip gloss  sets. 

IMO Prime Beauty  has  awesome recommendations for fragrances.   On her recommendations  I have tried ( and loved) new brands and old favorites  like Jo Malone and Anik.  I also rely on Cindy for eval of hair products.  I can decode a wall full of moisturizers, when it comes to   hair products, I freeze.  Prime Beauty provides  need to  know info  on shampoos and styling mousee that has helped me get the look  I was looking for.

 Every year along with pumpkins and football, colds, sore throats and bronchitis arrive in every household.  Americans suffer 1 million colds each year and we spend $5 billion on cough and sniffles remedies.  Influenza, colds evil twin, affects up to 10 million Americans, puts 200,000 in the hospital and is fatal to 20,000 adults and children.

The Good Doctors Guide to Colds  and Flu ( Harper) by Dr Neil Schachter provides the information you need to stay healthy all winter including:

* The surprising reason why women get more colds

* Why using your own pen decresing  chance of  respiratory infections

* Three signs that its time to call a doctor immediately

* Is it safe to exercise  with a fever

The author is Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Medical Director of Respiratory Therapy. Neil Schachter also my husband, but its not nepotism– its  just a great book for this time of year.

2 thoughts on “Its Fashion Flash Monday!

  1. I love his book and feel every household should have it on there shelf.
    I have been using Ceravie and love it and it’s 16 bucks at cvs !

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