Question and Answer: Gluten- Free Cosmetics?

Question:  I see ads for gluten-free cosmetics.  Are they a better choice for my sensitive skin?

Answer:   For most of her life, my BFF Suzanne had to deal with an irritable stomach  and unexpected red splotches on her skin– and  test after  test failed to show a source for her problems.  About five years ago, she dcided to see if avoiding gluten would help.  Practically overnight her problems vanished.

Doctors have long been aware of the causes and symptoms of celiac disease and its link to an over reaction to  gluten.  Now there is further recognition  that an intolornace to gluten affects far more  people.   But until recently, most experts did not believe that gluten in skin and hair products could cause problems in those with gluten sensitivities. Now there  is growing concern  that gluten in  many forms  may indeed produce  itchy eyes, blisters and a red skin rash.  In some caes its the result of actually eating minute amounts of lipsticks and  lotions.  In other situations, doctors feel that  the gluten in the products was actually asorbed into the skin to wreak havoc inside and out.

That being said  it can be challenging  to find truly gluten-free skin and hair care formulations.  Gluten is hidden in ingredients like wheat germ oil, oat flour, dextrin and yeast extract.  Even if  the ingredients are truly gluten -free, the product may have been manufactured  in plants where gluten rich ingredients  were used for other products.  If you really want to see if  gluten-free  products are what your skin needs, I have discovered three lines that you can trust:

* Gluten Free Beauty

* Afterglow Cosmetics

* Christine  Marie Cosmetics

One final thought:   People dealing with eczema  have a 300% increased risk of gluten intolorance.   If you  one of the  tens of millions  who  are dealing with eczema, gluten-free cosmetics  may be truly helpful.

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