Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Kari of Fab Over Forty is hosting Fashion Flash.  I have  fallen into  the good habit of checking out Fab Over Forty when I am looking for new make-up.  This month I took her advice on a Dolce and Gabanna liquid eyeliner- and as usual Kari had picked another winner.  I always thought that I was just a klutz when it came  to liners but it turned out that its the way my eyelashes grow which make lining such a challenge.   The D &G consultant at Saks explained not only why I had trouble with eye make-up, but showed me how to get around the  problem.  With the D&G pen I now make tiny connected dot and voila, a prfect line appears on the upper lids.  It only took 40 years to learn this trick.

One of the most frustating aspects of  popular health news report is that they  are constantly changing or even reversing their recommendendations–eg soy soy is good– no, its bad.

One week I read a study  that profiles the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet.  Next week an equally impressive report is excited about  the reduced risk of breast cancer with an Asian style diet.  Who’s right?

A book  by a  husband and wife nutrition writers whose popular blog explores combining the health benefits of both cuisines has  many of the answers.  The  first third of this book  details the science behind both diets.  The book continues with a review of  healthy foods that meet  both  Asian and Mediterranean guidelines.  Especially helpful is a list of 40 healthy snacks such as cheese and crackers, fruit and yogurt and tuna and olives.  The last part of the book deals offers dozens of  of healthy recipes including Thai chicken stir-fry, Greek pizza with chicken, artichokes and feta, Indonesian veggies with peanut cause and my new favorite,  fresh tuna and veggie skewers.

I wish the recipes   included  nutritional breakdown and calorie count– but you can tell by the list of ingredients that its all good.

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  1. Hi Deb,
    Thank you so much for including my post. I am very pleased with my results. From my experience and that of others, I think Ultherapy is most effective on the the lower face and neck. For the right candidate, this non invasive, no downtime technique is a good stop gap. I was thrilled that I was able to drive immediately to work, since I was not medicated. Those who would be more comfortable with a little sedation should consider it and bring a pal for the ride home.


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