A New Anti- Aging Tool- Ultherapy

I’m so excited to  publish  the very first guest post on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.  If you are already a fan of Diva Debbi, you know  her flawless style  and always  helpful advice.  If   this  will be your introduction to Diva Debbi, you’re in  for a real treat.

Like me, Diva Debbi tries out  different anti-aging tools and reports on their results.   I have been curious, but a little nervous, about Ultherapy, an FDA approved  ultrasound device that  tightens collagen.  When I learned that DD had tried it out, I  was thrilled when she agreed to repost her experiences on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog.  DD  had Ultherapy on her  eye area and  on her neck.  There are very few non-surgical options for the neck and it was wonderful to add a new option for  neck lines and wrinkles.  In her comprehensive article,  she  offers before and after pics and answers the four key questions:

* How it works

*Does it hurt?

* What changes can you expect?

* How much does it cost?

After reading her post, I’d love to hear  you reactions.  Do you think this is something that you would want to try?

2 thoughts on “A New Anti- Aging Tool- Ultherapy

  1. Hi Deb,
    Thank you so much for including my post. I am very pleased with my results. From my experience and that of others, I think Ultherapy is most effective on the the lower face and neck. For the right candidate, this non invasive, no downtime technique is a good stop gap. I was thrilled that I was able to drive immediately to work, since I was not medicated. Those who would be more comfortable with a little sedation should consider it and bring a pal for the ride home.


  2. No. I’ve heard that it is an absolute waste of money and “only may work for a few with minimal results”. I would save the money and use it for mini lift or lifestyle lift.

    I really wish they did have something that didn’t require surgery!

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