Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week Staness of Menopause Makeover is hosting Fashion Flash– and you don’t have to be  menopausal to love this site.  Packed with health and fitness info, Menopause Makeover  offers important advice and support for a wide range of medical and emotional issues.  For example,  Staness looks at heart disease risks, breast cancer  care and weight control changes  as we pass birthdays.  Her easy to do and delicious recipes make  staying healthy a lot more fun. 

 The December issue   of  New Beauty magazine has two comprehensive articles that make it a keeper.  I was thrilled  to see that my orthodentist Dr Jacquie was one of the featured experts for their comprehensive piece on new ways to get a beautiful smile.  Using celebrity smiles for examples, the eight page article  explores  tooth  whiteners orthodentic options and even gum surgery.  Dr Jacquie pointed out that Angelin Jolie often uses a red lipstick with blue undertones which tends to make  your teeth look whiter.  She also explains how laser surgery of the gums reveals more teeth to reduce a “gummy” smile.   The New Beauty article  includes recommendations for   several new  ( and affordable ) products including   Optic White from Colgate, a multi tasking toothpast that  reduces  bacterria   as it whitens teeth.  Another intriguing  product is  the Beam Toothbrush, sensor linked toothbrush that captures brushing habits  that can be downloaded into an app.   I was also intrigued by the  the pros and cons of braces that go behind the teeth and the new ten week express Invisalign program. 

New Beauty articles focus on a single topic and  always drill down for  comprehensive  information  on the   causes and treatment of a problem.  Also in the December issue  a terriffic  article on acne scars that  provides photos of different types of scars and  explains the best treatment options.  For example, for  so-called ice pick scars respond well to laser resurfacing while shallow saucer shaped scras can be reduced with Co2 lasers or chemical peels.   Discolored areas  that remain after a  big breakout  often respond well to Retin A or IPL. If you ever  get breakouts, run, don’t walk  to get this issue of New Beauty.  FYI  New Beauty provides  an excellent online video on the causes  and treatment of different types of acne.

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