Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  the  host of Fashion Flash is Mirabai of Moving Free with Mirabai.  From Aqua ballet to Wellness and Nutrition, Mirabai drills down  to explore exercise options.   Rather than a one size fits all solution, Mirabai  keeps  offering different types of exercise  to deal with  different needs and challenges.  This week  her site offers a wonderful short cardio video that gets that heart rate going without endangering 50 plus joints.  I’m a world exercise avoider and this video made me feel better, not exhausted and achy.

I just back from a two week  trip to France  and Lessons From Madame Chic  helped me extend the glow.  Like most women, I’m almost in awe of  the almost effortless chic Parisian women  seem to master from birth.   But how do they do it?  Jennifer Scott, author  of Lessons from Madame Chic spent a her year abroad with a stylish Parisian family that taught her the  secrets of French style.  From fashion (  a small edited wardrobe of perfect pieces) to make-up ( less is more) to mealtime  ( three course dinners and no weight gain)  Scott decodes the inherent style that seems to be part of the French DNA.

During her time in Paris, Scott  got up close and personal with the way French women care for their skin  and style their hair.  When I travel through France, I am always struck by the number of hair salons that dot even the smallest towns.  It never gets old to have my hair blown out  in a little salon that  makes its home in a 12 century stone building. 

Since my goal is to eat my way across France, I enjoyed  Scott’s insights into the french  meal plan.  Each night they eat a full three course dinner — appetizer, main course, salad, dessert AND chesse– yet do not gain wight.  Their secret?  No snacking.   


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