The Beauty of Peanuts

The first thing I learned about peanuts is that  they are a type of bean ( legume) rather than a traditional nut eg walnuts.  Peanuts  have 25% more protein than any nut and  are a rich source of niacin, folacin,  manganese and phospherous.  One half cup of dry roasted peanuts clock in at 24 grams of protein, 10 grams of fiber and 0 grams of cholesterol.  I was thrilled  to learn  that  peanuts were high in linoleic acid– the oil that  is closely linked  to  fewer lines and wrinkles. That’s the good news.  The bad news?   Those 24 grams of protein are accompanied by 600 calories, 22 grams of carbs and a whopping 50 grams of  fat.

There are three basic forms of peanuts- boiled, dry-roasted and oil roasted.  Boiled peanuts … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

This week  Shawna of Female Fat Loss Over 40 is the host of Fashion Flash. For my birthday this year a good friend gave me  two sessions with a popular trainer  from her gym.  The twenty something dude in a Knicks tee shirt certainly looked in great shape.  He showed me his six pack abs, hard as wood thighs  and keyed up a video on his I phone that showed him picking up a coffeetable  with  one  hand.   These are probably great assets for a twenty something dude. For a fifty plus writer, not so much.    I am not sure what my fitness  goals should be, but I am fairly sure  hoisting tables is definately not on the list.

By contrast Shawna not only knows  what a 40 plus women needs, she  knows how to get there.   She knows  where … Continue Reading…

Question and Answer: Gluten- Free Cosmetics?

Question:  I see ads for gluten-free cosmetics.  Are they a better choice for my sensitive skin?

Answer:   For most of her life, my BFF Suzanne had to deal with an irritable stomach  and unexpected red splotches on her skin– and  test after  test failed to show a source for her problems.  About five years ago, she dcided to see if avoiding gluten would help.  Practically overnight her problems vanished.

Doctors have long been aware of the causes and symptoms of celiac disease and its link to an over reaction to  gluten.  Now there is further recognition  that an intolornace to gluten affects far more  people.   But until recently, most experts did not believe that gluten in skin and hair products could cause problems in those with gluten sensitivities. Now there  is growing concern  that gluten in  many forms  may indeed produce  itchy eyes, blisters and a red … Continue Reading…