Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF1This week Cindy of Prime Beauty is hosting Fashion Flash.  Prime Beauty  is  my go-to site for the best close-up and personal view of the latest beauty products.  Recently she   pushed me out of  my  same lipstick everyday rut, profiled the best of the after Christmas beauty sales and posted  an Aveeno guide  to radiant party skin. 

Cindy is also committed to trying out new  anti-aging  tools and products and I am so excited that she will soon be doing a guest post on No-Nonsense Beauty Blog. I am literally running out of skin parts  and Cindy will share  her own skin care experiences.

In my  beauty resolutions mode, I picked up a copy of Beauty Confidential by uber blogger Nadine of Jolie in NYC.  Nadine was  a fast … Continue Reading…

Healthy Holidays

handweights  Calorie packed  holiday foods and  more alcohol than you drink all year can  seem to add pounds and inches overnight.

I clicked through a story on the high calorie  holiday foods and it was as though they were describing  the content of my  fridge.  My Christmas Day dinner was a roast goose, filledGOOSE with dried cherry and pecan stuffing with a pumpkin cheesecake for dessert.     A four ounce serving of goose  clocks in at 340 calories, 18 grams of fat and  137 mg of cholesterol. Scary.  I decided that next year  I will  stick with turkey  that is not only delicious it was the protein of choice  for Yale  … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF1I’m hosting  Fashion Flash this week and many of our bloggers are in a holiday mood:

* The Glam Gals of Fabulous After 40   discuss what type of jacket do you wear with holiday  cocktail dress when you’re over 40. 

* Staness of Menopause Makeover  offers a yummy holiday cocktail.  Coffee lovers will love the addition of Kahula.  Frangelico  adds a lovely  hazelnut note.

* Kari over at Fab Over 40 shows us how to wear  Emerald Green, the ultimat holiday color which is also the Pantone Color of the Year.

* Mirabai at Moving Free with Mirabai  offers a Mini Tme-Saver Workout that perfect  for a New Year’s resolution  to commit to fitness.

* Jodell of Black Cat Plus addresses the need to oversome plus size prejudice

* … Continue Reading…

Botox or Laser- Which is Better?

Q&A2Question:  My Mom  reads your blog and  has been talking about getting Botox  or the “lunchtime laser.”  I want to get  her a treatment for Christmas but don’t know which one to choose.  I can afford  only one  and I want  her to see the biggest results.

Answer:  What a great question and you’re a great daughter! Both  Botox and  Intense Pulsed Light  laser  ( also known as the lunchtime laser) will make a major  difference in her appearance.  The choice depends on the condition of her skin.  If she has spent many  happy hours in the sun, its likely that she has lots of freckles and dark patches.  An Intense Pulsed Light treatment  will literally vaporize this aging pigmentation and leave her skin younger and refreshed.  The results are permanent but brown spots will return if she goes out without sun protection.  … Continue Reading…

Invisalign– Shaping the Beautiful Smile

  DeborahChaseBeforeShapingOctober2012Before  I start on my second and final round of Invisalign devices, Dr Jacquie shaped my teeth. I didn’t  even know that this technique existed.  Most people have  little “saw tooth” edges on the tips of newly emerged permanent teeth.   Over the next few years, the edges gradually smooth off.  Not me.  The ridges that were there when I was in third grade were still there  when my third grandchild arrived.

Using a tiny, fine sanding tool, Dr Jacquie smoothed off the bumps and ridges, Then, not unlike a  sculptor, she worked to refine the actual shape of the teeth.  The teeth of the ideal female smile have gently rounded edges.  By contrast, the teeth of an ideal male smile  have square, straight edges. As it … Continue Reading…

Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF1This week the  Glam Gals of Fabulous After 40 are hosting Fashion Flash.  Check out their new feature  where they post a fashion  challenge and ask readers to send in their own  suggestions.  Awesome!  Its wonderful to  see great photos of real women  wearing real clothes.  This week they are looking at holiday dressing, something that  I have found increasingly challenging as decades go by. When I was a very  young mom, I felt great in  fashion forward looks.  For one New Year’s party I can’t foget a certain purple velvet bell bottom pants and long vest. And  I topped this  look off by a pixie haircut and a long string of beads.  But as time went  by, I turned to black  as a safety net  with a little black dress, black pants suit,   or … Continue Reading…

A Moisturizer For All Seasons

Q&A2Question:  Is there a moisturizer that doesn’t clog pores?  When my skin gets dry from RetinA or a laser type treatment, I need to  put on a moisturizer to relieve dryness and flaking.  But whatever I try  seems to provoke acne  breakouts.  Any ideas?

Answer:  This is such a common problem and until last week I didn’t have  much of an answer.  Sometimes a moisturizer that was both oil and fragrance free would work, but often that too  could provoke problems.  Then at a recent dermatology conference in New York,  laser care expert Dr Mark Nestor of Miami recommended a  water based spray to provide moisture.  In addition to water, the spray should contain glycerin and  natural  moisturizing factors  such as hyaluronic acid. Plain water sprays would actually increase dryness but  the glycerin and hyaluronic acid would help the skin … Continue Reading…

Anti-Aging Advances

DERMATOLOGY CONFERENCEEach year  in December, the three day Mount Sinai conference on new developments  in dermatology is the holiday gift that keeps on giving. The best of the best   share  what they’ve discovered and how they care for  a wide range of skin, nail and hair problems.  This year the presentations were truely amazing and I got answers to long asked questions including:

* How long do  you need to stick to an acne regimen to determine if its working?  Hint: its shorter than you might think.

* How can I moisturize  the skin without clogging pores?

* Can women of color use lasers?

Founded by Dr Albert Lefkovits, this program attracts worldwide  experts both to speak and to  learn.   What I find is especially helpful is that  most of the … Continue Reading…