Anti-Aging Advances

DERMATOLOGY CONFERENCEEach year  in December, the three day Mount Sinai conference on new developments  in dermatology is the holiday gift that keeps on giving. The best of the best   share  what they’ve discovered and how they care for  a wide range of skin, nail and hair problems.  This year the presentations were truely amazing and I got answers to long asked questions including:

* How long do  you need to stick to an acne regimen to determine if its working?  Hint: its shorter than you might think.

* How can I moisturize  the skin without clogging pores?

* Can women of color use lasers?

Founded by Dr Albert Lefkovits, this program attracts worldwide  experts both to speak and to  learn.   What I find is especially helpful is that  most of the speakers focus on  real time practice   and not  just on  lab or bench research.  While its certainly  encouraging that a new formula can help a guinea pig, I  want to know how it will work for me.  And at this conference, there were very few guinea pigs.

In the following weeks I will  be covering   important developments from the conference that include:

* A dummies guide to anti-aging lasers-  which ones are painless,  who  should use them and what results can you expect

* The critical path  for rejuvenation– the order of anti-aging treatments. 

* The link between a tiny insect and rosacea– and what it means  for treatment

* The gold standard for successful acne care

*  How  medications used for arthritis  can get  eczema under control

*  Photodynamic therapy that  deals with   both aging and acne

* Cellulite treatments that can deliver real results

Its  sad but true that we are judged on our appearance. That’s the bad  news.  The good news?   The significant  skin care developments covered at the New York conference certainly level the playing field.

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