Its Fashion Flash Monday!

FF1This week the  Glam Gals of Fabulous After 40 are hosting Fashion Flash.  Check out their new feature  where they post a fashion  challenge and ask readers to send in their own  suggestions.  Awesome!  Its wonderful to  see great photos of real women  wearing real clothes.  This week they are looking at holiday dressing, something that  I have found increasingly challenging as decades go by. When I was a very  young mom, I felt great in  fashion forward looks.  For one New Year’s party I can’t foget a certain purple velvet bell bottom pants and long vest. And  I topped this  look off by a pixie haircut and a long string of beads.  But as time went  by, I turned to black  as a safety net  with a little black dress, black pants suit,   or just black pants and sweater– what the Glam Gals call  ABD– Abundant Black Disorder  This year with their help, I rocked a silver sweater over black pants at a Media Mavens  meet-up in a local bar and if I don’t lose my nerve, I going to wear  a pair of gold print   “party pants” to a  Secret Santa  party.   

And speaking of   black clothing, I little book caught my eye as I was walking through StrandDRESS DIET bookstore.  There are  truck loads  of diet books out there, but  The Little Black Dress Diet captured my imagination.  Written by  UK specialist in complementary medicine, Michael Van Straten,  this little book offers several short term menu plans to  erase  holiday bloat and  weight gain.  What I liked about all  the three little menus was their simplicity.  They recommended real food that was  easy to find and affordable.  Too many diet  plans are soooo complicated .  They have elaborate spread sheets on  exercise, meditation, nutritional supplements,  juice combos and menus that would take up most of my day.    By contrast, The Little Black Dress Diet  has the same practical simplicity of a  LBD.   Breakfast is yogurt and a banana, lunch a bowl of vegetable soup and dinner a plate of chicken, rice and vegetables.  After New Year’s I’m committed to trying  the LBD Detox  plan.

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